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Who is Veronica Perasso? Veronica Victoria Perasso, 22, was living the high-life in Florida in July 2018 when she says she was attacked and raped by a man she was seeing – in a horrific attack she believes was set up by a woman she lived with. … “I woke up, went straight to the hospital and got a rape kit,” she recalled.

Veronica Perasso
Veronica Perasso

An Instagram model has told how she was drugged and raped after her female flatmate acted as a ‘fixer’.

Veronica Victoria Perasso has also accused police of rejecting her claims, suggesting their unwillingness to investigate was related to the fact that she was an immigrant.
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The 22-year-old, who is from Venezuela but was living in Miami at the time of the alleged incident, waived her right to anonymity in an interview with Jam Press Media, where she recalled the ordeal.

She told of the situation, which she said happened on July 2, 2018.

Veronica claims that a girl she was living with at the time took her to a house where she was ‘attacked’.

She recalled: ‘She even filmed me disjointed and asked for my boyfriend.

“Then she took me home and put me to bed and pretended she didn’t know what had happened.”
Veronica Victoria Perasso
The 22-year-old recalled the situation that she said happened two years ago (Image: @veronicaperasso/Jam Press)
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The day after the alleged attack, Veronica woke up with unpleasant memories and a sickening feeling inside.

She recalled: “I woke up, went straight to the hospital and got a rape kit.

‘They confirmed there was someone with no protection in me and when I told them it was absolutely against my will, they let me call the police. What I did. ‘

However, when the Instagram model reported the incident to the police, she claimed that the police wondered why she didn’t fight back.
Veronica Victoria Perasso
Veronica was allegedly ignored by police (Picture: @veronicaperasso/Jam Press)

Veronica claimed: ‘The police treated me like I was obstructing them by reporting it.

“The police asked me why I didn’t physically fight back. I explained that I was disjointed and had no strength.

“They asked me if I knew the person, and I said I knew someone who knew – the girl who took me there – and they questioned her, even though she didn’t want to be involved.

‘She was complicit and she knew. She begged me not to talk to the police – it turned out she regularly extorted men and women for money. I was so young and impressionable. ‘
Veronica Victoria Perasso
She claimed police wondered why she didn’t fight back (Image: @veronicaperasso/Jam Press)

The model continued: ‘The police insisted that I could only get justice if I got a confession – that is, if I let the man admit that he had voluntarily raped me on tape.

“My word meant nothing, as a young immigrant woman in America.

‘I found it confusing that politicians and powerful businessmen were brought down on TV by women who claimed they were sexually abused 20 and 30 years ago, without evidence, just their word.

“But here, today, in the flesh, with a lot of evidence, I haven’t even been heard because I’m an immigrant and the person who raped me wasn’t famous.”

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Because the model was furious and frustrated by the situation, she refused to drop it.

She said, “That’s when I left Florida. And wanted to change everything about myself. I had to become someone else; so first I got extensions, then colored contacts.

“I got breast implants, tattoos, then the extensions were removed and the hair became shorter and shorter until one day I stared in the mirror at a completely new version of myself.”

According to Jam Press Media, West Palm Beach police declined to comment because this is an ongoing case.

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