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Veronica Montelongo Bio, Net Worth, Birthday & Age


Who is Veronica Montelongo?How Much Is Veronica Montelongo Net Worth ?How old is Veronica Montelongo?


Veronica Montelongo, a long-haired woman and athletic body, is former student of houses and ex-wife of Armando Montelongo, both famous for his reality show A & E, Flip This House.

Professional life and equity:

Veronica and her husband Armando were home swimmers for several years before turning their livelihood into a TV show.
They operated under the name of the company “companies Armando Montelongo”.

Turn this House:

The show began in 2005 and aired on the A & E Network, formerly called Arts & Entertainment. The channel used to focus on dramas and documentaries, but now focuses more on reality show programming, specifically with renovations and residences.
When the show aired, he introduced Armando and his wife Veronica, as well as Armando’s brother, David, and his wife, Melina Montelongo. Together, the four of them would buy a terrible house that needed renovations, then turn it on or fix it, sell it, and get a profit.
Flip This House had five seasons in total, and while Armando and Veronica stayed in the five seasons, Armando’s brother and his wife departed after the second season.
This is a typical Persian style, as weddings are used as status symbols. Persian parents usually prefer extravagant marriages and even invite many distant relatives to show how great the family is.

Show controversy:

Issues between David and Armando began appearing in an episode called “The Cat House “. David felt that the house should be leveled, and Armando felt he should be saved.
Armando’s story of “cut corners ” and produce bad houses was created, and David and Melina left the show shortly after the episode.
After the show ended, Armando began selling real estate kits that were designed to help people who wanted to switch from home to get the tips needed to do so. Many criticized Armando for his kits, since they were sold for nearly US $1,000 each and apparently did not offer real concrete advice.

Armando himself was also seen as a terrible person who often depreciated contractors and other workers in order to get the lowest possible price for his work, often paying them almost nothing for the jobs they performed in each Episode.
Veronica finally felt the same way and left Armando’s company to begin her own activities.

Personal life: Marriage and Divorce

Veronica’s wedding with Armando was apparently picturesque, especially for the spectators who watched the two together in the program.
For the last few seasons, however, Armando began to grow faster, and people began to see the tension between the two approaching.
In 2011, Veronica divorced Armando and became distant from him and his business practices as much as possible.
The two did not have children together, and Veronica still works in the real estate sector alone.

Actuation work:

In 2013, Veronica tried her luck in acting, and got a role in the action film Line of Duty, which followed four friends who parted when two became criminals and two became FBI agents sent to take them down.
It was released for mediocre evaluations and it hasn’t appeared in another film.


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