Venessa Villanueva

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Who is Venessa Villanueva? Venessa Villanueva is the ex-wife of American musician, guitarist, songwriter and author Chris Perez. She’s an actress a performer.

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Who is Venessa Villanueva?

Villanueva was born in the United States and is an actress, known for being the ex-wife of guitarist Chris Perez. Her ex-husband became famous as a member of the Selena y Los Dinos group. She supported and became the lover and husband of the group’s frontwoman, Selena, a romance that was abruptly interrupted when she was killed by her former manager.

Venessa Villanueva’s net worth

Venessa Villanueva has an estimated net worth of more than 100,000 euros. She earned income acting and probably benefited from her husband’s success during their time together.
Chris has an estimated net worth of more than 1.2 million euros.

Life and career

Venessa is of Mexican descent; His parents moved to the United States in search of greener pastures. While her exact birth position is unknown, she grew up in Texas. He lived mostly out of the spotlight, meeting Chris Perez thanks to a mutual friend named John Garza. During this time, Chris suffered from depression and other personal problems, and she supported him and helped him overcome his problems, leading the two to start a romance.

The two had been together for eight years before they married in 2006, but in the end the tension in their relationship turned out to be too strong and they divorced in 2008. Vanessa later pursued a career in acting, appearing in several films. His first project was titled “Memphis Rising: Elvis Returns”, published in 2011, and tells the story of Elvis returning from another galaxy and wanting to live a normal life. One of his last projects was titled “Forgotten Memories”, published in 2015.

Ex-husband Chris Perez

Chris Perez is also of Mexican descent: his father worked as a computer programmer, but his parents divorced when he was five years old.

He started studying music at school and his first instrument was the horn French. Despite a lack of support from his mother, he later learned to play electric guitar, inspired by artists such as Iron Maiden, Kiss, Van Halen and Def Leppard. At the age of 17 he wanted to start a musical career, and his first band was with Shelly Lares in 1986, with the band tejano. It helped the band transition away from Tejano music, which led to a much more positive reception.

In 1989, he was invited by the band Selena y Los Dinos for a rehearsal, and was immediately asked to join the band. He liked the band’s music and work, leading him to leave his first group. He became a close friend of the band’s bassist, who encouraged him to experiment with their music, and within a year the band began to gain a lot of attention, mainly thanks to the skill of their frontwoman Selena.

Before Villanueva met Perez, he was married to singer Selena when the two began a relationship a year after his introduction into the band. He approached his family, although Selena’s father initially disapproved of their relationship. They fled and married before he was accepted into the family. After Selena’s death, she felt guilty, believing it was her responsibility to protect her. He couldn’t eat much, and this turned into an addiction to alcohol and drugs. Villanueva became the light for him when they began a relationship in 1998, marrying three years later.

They had two children during their marriage, but in the end things fell apart in the mid-2000s. Their relationship was strained due to the fact that Perez did not spend enough time with his family and still showed signs of alcohol abuse. He wanted to repair the relationship, but then decided that things were irreconcilable. They divorced in 2008 and since then Perez has dedicated himself to his first love, Selena, and has remained close to Selena’s family.