Tanita Strahan

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Who is Tanita Strahan? Tanita is both Michael’s eldest daughter and eldest daughter. She was born in 1992, so she’s 28 years old. Michael welcomed Tanita with his first ex-wife, Wanda Hutchins, with whom he was married from 1992 to 1996.

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The daughter of the former NFL star is drawing attention to herself with her extraordinary wisdom and appearance, and could easily reclaim her place in the spotlight, like her famous father.

Tanita Strahan, 28, is the eldest daughter of former professional footballer Michael Strahan, who retired from the sport in 2008 and has since made a career as a television presenter.

Tanita describes herself as a visual artist on social media, where she occasionally shares her artwork, but clearly has an interest in fashion and we wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up pursuing modeling professionally.

In a recent Instagram post, Tanita documented her outfit of the day (March 15), once again showing off her flawless taste by setting a sophisticated yet casual look.

She wore sneakers, khaki-colored pants and a deep blue top covered with a pink jacket and kept her beautiful dreadlocks in a large bun as she posed in a presentation of accompanying photos as she moved from her terrace to her car.

Tanita was the first child of 48-year-old Michael, currently co-host of “Good Morning America,” shared with his first wife Wanda Hutchins, and was followed by Michael Jr’s only child, Michael Jr, 25, with his parents divorced in 1996.

Michael continued to marry again in 1999, this time with Jean Muggli. Michael and Muggli are parents to twin daughters Sophia and Isabella, 15.

All of Tanita’s younger brothers have appeared on TV with her father at least once, but the eldest seems to be more shy with the cameras or maybe it’s just to try to do her own thing.

While Michael loves to have his children visit on the TV set, we rarely see them on the athlete’s social media, so when he took to Instagram in 2019 to share a photo with his twin teenage daughters, his fans were surprised.