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Stephen R. Castor is a congressional staffer who will serve as a Republican lawyer in the impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump and his dealings with Ukraine. On a par with Democratic attorney Daniel Goldman, he will have at least 45 minutes to question the witnesses during the open hearings, which begin on Wednesday, November 13, 2019.

Chairman Adam Schiff, Representative Devin Nunes, the ranking Republican, and their lawyers Goldman and Castor will interview witnesses for up to 90 minutes before other members of Congress get their chance.

Chairman Adam Schiff hired Goldman earlier this year after several years as an NBC legal analyst and 10 years as a u.S. deputy attorney general in the Southern District of New York.

Steve Castor Training

Castor grew up in Philadelphia and studied law at George Washington University

Steve Castor Legal Career

Castor initially worked for Congress and practiced in trade disputes in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

Castor has been working largely behind the scenes of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee since 2005. He was hired by Tom Davis, former chairman of the Republican House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Castor was a top lawyer during the GOP investigation into Benghazi and the IRS targeting scandal.

Before working for Congress, Castor worked as a trade litigation lawyer in Philadelphia and Washington DC.

Remarkable investigative work

He is one of the key players in several investigations, including the Justice Department’s botched arms, trafficking operation knew as Fast and Furious, the IRS attack on conservative organizations, the Trump White House, which denies the Security clearance, and other high-profile investigations and now the Intelligence Committee involved in impeachment hearings.

He was “almost the only survivor” of Rep. Jason Chaffetz ”Cleansing’ of employees who used to be under Rep. Darrell Issa stood, because of his expertise and experience, Issa said.

Steve Castor Question Style

Stev Castor’s questioning style was described as annoying to witnesses and their representatives. He keeps asking the same questions, and during the hearings, he is expected to follow a questioning that Trump will like.

Steve Castor Impeachment Hearings Deposits


Since October 2019, Goldman and Castor have conducted the questioning of witnesses in the private impeachment process and collect information about whether Trump had abused his power to pressure Ukraine, two politically advantageous He launched an investigation while he claimed a coveted Meeting at the White House and military aid worth nearly 400 million U.S. dollars.

During the secret statements, Castor interrogated officials about Burisma, an energy company in Ukraine that appointed former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter to his presidency, and another in an unfounded theory that Ukraine 2016 on behalf of Hilary Clinton interfered in the election. U.S. intelligence agencies found that Russia interfered in the election to bolster Trump.

Castor, who is known for working more behind the scenes for the Republican Committee on House Oversight and Government Reform since 2005, and members of the right-wing Congress are confident he will do so in the impeachment investigations.

Democrats vs. Republicans

Republicans have been accused by Democrats of deliberately conducting witness interviews to find out the anonymous whistleblower. Senator Rand Paul threatened a subpoena and revealed the whistleblower’s identity, while Donald Trump Jr. tweeted a Breitbart article calling the alleged whistleblower.


Bill Taylor, the top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine, who will testify during public hearings on whether he heard or communicated with the alleged whistleblower and used his name. Taylor, however, denied knowing him.

Democrats chose Taylor and Kent as their first two witnesses because they saw “the full timeline” and “the full scope” of Trump’s “misconduct,” according to a House Democratic adviser.

Steve Castor Sentiments

Castor seems to have the support of ordinary Republicans, many of whom quickly emphasized his experience and institutional knowledge.

“He has the longest-standing institutional knowledge of most people on our side of the aisle. He has experienced several of these fights in the past,” former Representative Jason Chaffetz told the Daily Beast on Tuesday, November 12.

Chaffetz, who previously served as chairman of the oversight committee for three years, said Republicans could be optimistic if they know Castor is leading the charge.

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