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Many of us know the name Camilla Cabello, a Cuban-Mexican singer, but many of us don’t know that she has a loving sister Sofia Cabello. Yes, we will reveal everything about Camilla’s little sister Sofia Cabello today.

Although Sofia is not a singer or movie star, she is becoming more and more well-known with her own thing. Once a family member is popular, fans don’t stop until they get acquainted with the rest of the family. So it is with Sofia. Let us know how old the child is and what he or she is doing in his or her life.

Sofia was born Sofia Isabella Cabello in Florida on April 2, 2007, the daughter of her parents Alejandro and Sinuhe. Alejandro is a Mexican who immigrated to the United States, while her mother Sinuhe is a Cuban. Sofia is currently 12 years old and belongs to mixed ethnic groups (Mexicans and Cubans).

Sofia, Camila and her father.
Sofia Cabello, her older sister Camila Cabello and her father. Image source – Instagram.
It wasn’t easy for them to move from Mexico to Florida. Her mother, an aspiring singer, worked in the “Marshalls” shoe department store to support her family.

Sofia is the only child born in America who attends an elementary school in Florida.


The teenager is currently under the protection of his parents and has no career. We can assume that she will soon continue her career as a music artist, as the music runs in the veins of the Cabello family.

Sofia and Camila.
Sofia with her older sister Camila Cabello. Image source – Instagram.
Sofia and Camilla love to hang out together. She also appeared in an episode of Awesomeness TV’s Fifth Harmony Takeover. Sofie Cabello appeared on the channel known for conducting interviews in one of his episodes.


Sofia Cabello is still growing up. So she stands at a decent height of 5 feet tall. However, its size will definitely increase as it grows. It also weighs about 40 to 45 kg. She has black long hair and beautiful brown eyes.


12-year-old Sofia is still in her teens and enjoys her life to the fullest. She hangs out with her older sister and also has fun with her friends. Since she is not a trained music artist or actress, she does not yet have a source of income.

She currently lives a lavish life and enjoys her older sister’s fortune swells as well as her parents’ fortunes. There is no doubt that she will be an established personality and will soon enjoy her own fortune.

On the other hand, her older sister Camila Cabello will have a net worth of USD 12 million from 2019.

Sofia could prepare for her future. She could sooner or later pursue her career. But to talk about children’s artists, if you’re keeping up to date with the latest season of America’s Got Talent, you need to be familiar with new singer Sophie Pecora, who stunned the judges with her amazing voice. She wowed the judges with her own song “Seventh Grade”. Her career accelerated when YouTuber Shane Dawson spotted her.

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