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Sarah Jeong Bio, Birthday, Net Worth & Age

Sarah Jeong was born in 1988 in South Korea. She is an American journalist specializing in legal and technological topics. In 2018, Jeong joined the editorial board of the New York Times. Previously, she wrote for the Verge section and Vice’s Motherboard and also wrote articles for Forbes, the Guardian and the New York Times.
Sarah Jeong Age

30 years from 2018
Sarah Jeong Nationality

American citizen
Sarah Jeong Education

University of California at Berkeley and Harvard law School
Marital Status Sarah Jeong

Sarah Jeong Racial Tweets

“Oh, man, it’s kind of sick to see the joy I feel for being cruel to white and old men,” Jeong wrote in July of 2014 in just a series of messages that became viral after the New York Times nominated her for the editorial board on August 1. 2018
Sarah Jeong Biography

Sarah Jeong attended the University of California at Berkeley and the Harvard Law School, where she was editor of the Harvard Journal of Law & Gender.
Sarah Jeong Career

In March 2014, she launched with EFF activist Parker Higgins, a periodic bulletin entitled 5 Useful articles offering an overview of current and historical intellectual property issues. The newsletter went on hiatus in 2015. She writes about internet technology and culture, including a book, the Internet of trash, about online harassment and responses to it by media and online platforms.

In 2017, Forbes named Jeong for his “30 Under 30″ media list.

Jeong was appointed to the editorial board of the New York Times on August 1, 2018.
Sarah Jeong racially insensitive tweets

Sarah Jeong’s racial-motivational tweets arose after her nomination for the New York Time Editorial board. Jeong the tweets include white people marking the Internet with their opinions like dogs urinating on hydrants, white men are rubbish… , Oh man, you’re sick how much joy I get for being cruel to old white men and I Challenge to enter Wikipedia and play ‘ things that white people can take credit ‘, it is difficult. ”

The New York Times is, however, according to the hiring of technology writer Sarah Jeong, despite several derogatory tweets. They released a Twitter statement;

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