Sarah E. Pitlyk Bio, Nomination, Religion

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Sarah E. Pitlyk Bio, Nomination, Religion


Sarah Elizabeth Pitlyk (born 1977) is an American lawyer from Missouri who is serving as a U.S. District Judge in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri.

Justin Walker isn’t the only Kavanaugh employee and surrogate to have received a federal court nomination. Missouri-based lawyer and former Kavanaugh clerk Sarah Pitlyk has been nominated for an st. Louis judge.
Pitlyk was born Sarah Elizabeth Martin in Indianapolis in 1977. She received a BA summa cum laude from Boston College in 1999 and an MA from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium and Georgetown University before earning a JD from Yale University in 2008. After graduating, Pitlyk worked at Covington & Burling LLP in Washington. D. C. Pitlyk left the company on a break to work for Justice Brett Kavanaugh (when he was on the DC Circuit) and returned in 2011 after her legal clerkship.
In 2013, Pitlyk moved to Missouri to work as an associate with Runnymede Law Group with Stephen Clark (now a judge in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri). She left the company in 2017 to join the Thomas More Society as Special Counsel, where she currently works.
History of the seat
Pitlyk was nominated for a position in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri. The place was opened on 31 December 2018, when Judge Catherine Perry was appointed Senior. In January 2019, newly elected Senator Josh Hawley turned to Pitlyk to measure her interest in the judiciary. Pitlyk began the review process with the White House in May 2019 and was nominated in August 2019.
Legal experience
Without her judicial clerkship, Pitlyk has about ten years of litigation experience with stints at Covington & Burling, Runnymede Law Group and the Thomas More Society. During this time, Pitlyk has negotiated three cases that have been finalized, including one as Chief Counsel.
In particular, in her short legal career, Pitlyk has had several contentious litigation and generally sought to steer the law in a more life-friendly direction. For example, At RUNNYMEDE, Pitlyk worked with Clark on a suit that tried unsuccessfully to determine the personality of frozen embryos. At the Thomas More Society, Pitlyk was part of the defence team of David Daleiden, a pro-life activist who faced criminal and civil lawsuits for publishing videos in which Planned Parenthood officials discussed the sale of fetal tissue. During their representation, Daleiden and his organization were despised for violating a court order to distribute the videos (the violations were based on the actions of Daleiden’s lawyers in a related criminal case).
Pitlyk’s most notable case is her challenge to a St. Louis ordinance that prevents any employer from discriminating against employees who have undergone abortions. Pitlyk argued that the law creates a protected class “based on social opinion” and violates the rights of Catholic organizations in the city. The regulation was eventually partially prescribed by Judge Audrey Fleissig.
Like Kentucky nominee Justin Walker, Pitlyk was a prominent deputy during the campaign to confirm then-Judge Brett Kavanaugh. In particular, Pitlyk tried to counter concerns that Kavanaugh did not stand up for women’s rights, noting that he needed to stand up for her while she was a new mother and working for him. In another interview, Pitlyk called Justice Kavanaugh “an exemplary judge: brilliant, principled and faithful to the text.” In a July 2018 article, Pitlyk described Kavanaugh as “absolutely solid on the most important issues to the social conservatives.”
Overall assessment
There may not be a problem as controversial in US politics as abortion. Any candidate with a long tradition of advocacy on both sides of the issue is therefore likely to have problems with confirmation. If you add the resurgence of Kavanaugh confirmation as a partial problem, it is expected that Pitlyk will face an unpleasant (if not unsuccessful) confirmation fight.