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Ryan silver field salary wiki press conference coach wife history fsu twitter resume Memphis age

Ryan Silverfield stepped to the podium on Sunday and said the University of Memphis could “search the country” to find their next football coach, but they wouldn’t find anyone better than him.

Just five days later, Silverfield proved to be the right one.

Silverfield will be announced as the program’s head coach on Friday at 3:30 p.m. But maybe you can already hear the cheers.

A high on the current players who have campaigned for Silverfield to be appointed head coach.

Greetings from former players who took to Twitter to offer their support.

A high on the recruits who are more inclined to stay at Memphis.

Greetings from the staff and volunteers of Memphis Animal Services, where Silverfield and its entire offensive line host an annual pet adoption event.

A high on all those silver fields has worked with during his four years in Memphis and who know him as an exceptionally decent man.

This will be a hugely popular rental car from Memphis, which will restore much of the program’s momentum toward the Cotton Bowl. But make no mistake, it wasn’t just an obvious attitude, no setting of convenience.

When Silverfield stepped to the lectern on Sunday, he wasn’t the favorite to get the job. He had no long relationship with Laird Veatch, the new sporting director. He wasn’t a hot young coordinator like the two previous Memphis coaches.

But with Veatch on the side of the meeting room, Silverfield made his case convincing and confident.

He said this was the job he wanted and always wanted. He said he could be the coach in the long run.

He said he was very familiar with all aspects of the program under Mike Norvell and was the best person to build on.

He took over the recruitment. He immediately flew to the house and outlined his plan to keep the current recruits on board.

He sounded confident, but not arrogant. He ordered in a calm way. And while I’m absolutely certain that Memphis didn’t hire a coach based on a press conference and wouldn’t hire, this week was a long job interview. Silverfield destroyed it from the start.

And to those who fear that hiring an internal candidate is inspiring, I suggest that you look at the four teams in the college football playoffs, all of which are coached by internal candidates. Ed Orgeron, Ryan Day, Dabo Swinney, and Lincoln Riley seem to be doing well.

Silverfield, of course, still has many questions to answer. Every new head coach does. Who will be his offensive and defensive coordinators? Can he continue to identify explosive playmakers like his predecessors? And how about quarterbacks? Silverfield indicated Sunday that Brady White might return, but there are signs that White is considering becoming a pro. If so, can Silverfield find the fourth primary Memphis QB?

The beauty is that it’s cleared up – and in a way that Memphis fans should feel comfortable in. I’ve never accused Justin Fuente or Norvell of going to better jobs, but it’s still difficult for a fan base. Isn’t it nice to see that the job goes to someone who has already shown his loyalty to the place?

Every second Memphis assistant who first arrived at Norvell has left before this season. Silverfield stayed behind. He didn’t stay because he didn’t have better deals. He stayed because this was the best place for him. He felt comfortable here. He believed in the program. He loved the city. His wife is a doctor, and he also respects her career. And yes, he always thought he might have a chance to get the job as head coach if Norvell left.

Now that has happened. Now Silverfield can last a long time. They searched the land and returned to where they had started just as the man said.