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Ricko DeWilde Bio, Net Worth, Birthday & Age

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TV star Ricko DeWilde is best known for his role in the Primetime Emmy Award-winning documentary series Life Below Zero. Ricko even owns a fashion line called HYDZ equipment, through which he sells accessories, hoodies and other garments. He is also popular because he has uploaded several videos of the moose hunt on his YouTube channel.

Personal life of Ricko DeWilde; Know his wife, children

Ricko DeWilde has been married to a mysterious woman for ages. Ricko seems to know how to separate his private life from his professional life, as he has managed to keep his romantic life in the shade.

The couple, who have been together for more than two decades, even shared five children, including a son named Skyler DeWilde (10) and a daughter named Symone DeWilde (15). The duo leads a blissful married life, which is visible through their posts.
How much is Ricko DeWilde’s fortune? Know his salary, income

Ricko DeWilde’s fortune is somewhere between 1000 and 5000 dollars. Also, the average salary of a TV actor is between 9 and 100 US dollars per hour, based on the popularity and work of the actors.

Ricko starred in the documentary series Life Below Zero, which was broadcast by BBC Worldwide on the National Geographic Channel. He worked with celebrities such as Sue Aikens, Erik Salitan and Andy Bassich, who received a huge stack for the series. So we can assume that he has received a reasonable sum of Life Below Zero.

In addition to acting, Ricko also owns his fashion line called HYDZ-Equipment, with which he earns a healthy sum of money. This clothing line includes all kinds of garments such as hats, hoodies, coats, accessories and other clothes that are very popular with Alaskan locals, especially teenagers.
Ricko DeWildes Wiki-Bio

Ricko DeWilde was born in 1976 in a remote and remote location in Alaska, the son of father Lloyd DeWilde and mother Amelia DeWilde. He is the third youngest of 14 children born to his late parents. He is an Indian-American.

Ricko never attended public school in his life until his high school graduation year. His parents taught him and his 13 other siblings before his high school.

In the meantime, he spends most of his childhood in Alaska hunting, collecting, catching, farming and fishing. He learned from his father different life and survival skills besides textbooks.

Ricko debuts acting with National Geographic Life Below Zero. He also has his own YouTube channel called Ricko Dewilde with around 15,436 subscribers