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Rashida Harbi Tlaib is popularly known as Rashida Tlaib is an American politician and lawyer. She is the U.S. representative for Michigan’s 13th Congressional District. She took office on 3 January 2019. She was a member of the 6th and 12th Districts of the Michigan House before being elected to Congress. She was also the first Muslim woman to serve in michigan lawmakers. She is also the first Palestinian-American woman in Congress and one of the first two Muslim women elected to Congress.

What is Rashida Tlaib famous for?
– First Muslim woman to serve in the Michigan legislature.

– First Palestinian-American woman elected to Congress.

Where was Rashida Tlaib born?
Rashida Tlaib was born on July 24, 1976. Her birth name is Rashida Harbi. She was born to Palestinian immigrants. Her birthplace is in Detroit, Michigan, united States. She has American nationality. She has 13 siblings. She is the eldest of 14 children. As the eldest sibling, she played a role in the upbringing of her siblings.

She attended harms, Bennett Elementary, and Phoenix Academy. She graduated from Southwestern High School in 1994. She then enrolled at Wayne State University. She graduated from Wayne State with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science in 1998. She later received her juris doctor from Cooley Law School at Western Michigan University in 2004.

Michigan House of Representatives
She was an intern with Steve Tobocman in 2004.

She was hired by Tobocman when he became Majority Floor Leader in 2007.

Tobocman encouraged Tlaib to run for his seat in 2008. She won the Democratic eight-way elementary school. She later won the general election with more than 90% of the vote.

She won the general election bid for office in 2010 against Republican challenger Darrin Daigle.

She won re-election to the Michigan House in the revamped 6th District in 2012.

For the fourth time, she was unable to run for the Michigan House due to time constraints. She ran for the Michigan Senate in 2014, but lost to incumbent Senator Virgil Smith.

She is the second Muslim woman to serve in the Michigan House of Representatives, after James Karoub.

After Jamilah Nasheed of Missouri, she is the second Muslim woman to serve in a state legislature nationwide. She and a Republican, Justin Amash, were the first two Palestinian-American members of the Michigan Legislature.

She left the state legislature and worked at the Sugar Law Center.

U.S. House of Representatives
She ran for John Conyer’s seat in Congress in 2018.

As of July 2018, it had raised USD 893,030.

In the special election, she finished second in the Democratic primary, after Brenda Jones, president of the Detroit City Council.

She defeated Jones and Bill Wild in the Democratic primary.

She became the first Palestinian-American woman in Congress. She also became one of the first two Muslim women in Congress along with Democrat Ilhan Omar of Minnesota.

On January 3, 2019, she took the oath of office of Congress. She swore an English-language translation of the Koran in a traditional embroidered Palestinian dress, Thawb.

Her victory has inspired a number of Palestinian and Palestinian-American women to share pictures on social media. They shared their pictures with the hashtag #TweetYourThobe.

She is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).

Political positions
She opposed the support of a “Netanyahu Israel” and supported the Palestinian right of return and a one-state solution.

It openly supports the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel.

It has criticised human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia and the Saudi-led intervention in Yemen.

She has been a vocal critic of the Trump administration and advocated the impeachment of the president.

Who is Rashida Tlaib married to?
Rashida Tlaib was previously a married woman. She was married to Fayez Tlaib. They married in 1998. The couple have two children together. They are Adam Tlaib and Yousif Tlaib. They divorced in 2015.

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