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Who is Nikita Kahn? Nikita Kahn is an American actress, model, businesswoman and animal rights activist. She is best recognized as the old girlfriend of Oracle CEO and one of the richest people in the world, Larry Ellison. Born Iryna Osipova in the Soviet Union, Kahn eventually moved to the US, where she now lives.

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As a well-trained and successful professional, she is also an interior designer with a sharp artistic feel. She is also a passionate advocate of animal rights and is affiliated with the California Wildlife Center, and regularly contributes to fundraisers for rescuing, protecting and rehabilitating injured, sick or orphaned animals. Also an educated ballet dancer and gymnast, Kahn is undoubtedly a multi-talented woman! She is involved in a number of different areas and is always looking for newer options. Its ultimate goal is to create a life full of meaning, beauty and connections. Personally, Kahn is a very devoted friend and shares a deep and meaningful relationship with Ellison.

In 2011 Nikita Kahn starred in the American crime thriller ‘Catch 44’. The film, directed by Aaron Harvey, featured actors such as Forest Whitaker and Bruce Willis. In 2017, Kahn was the executive producer of “The Last Animals,” a documentary that tells the story of people who go to great lengths to protect the planet’s last animals from extinction by rescuing them from people smugglers and poachers.
Kahn also runs a lifestyle blog/website for women where she shares posts about beauty, health, nutrition, fitness and travel. Through her blogs, she wants to empower readers by giving them the knowledge and self-confidence needed to get the most out of their lives and achieve their dreams.
She is also a board member of the Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA. She also owns a real estate agent who specializes in the renovation of homes.