Nathaniel Cline: Bio & Net Worth

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Who is Nathaniel Cline?

Nathaniel Cline is a journalist, writer and political and government publisher who lives in Virginia.
Versatile and intelligent, Nathaniel is always ready for new challenges and is not afraid to expand his arsenal of skills.

Personal and family experience:

When he was young, Nathaniel’s family moved to England where he spent time as an actor for BBC Radio’s Julian Glorious Summer, originally a children’s book by the author, Ann Cameron.
In 2018, Cline married Yamiche Alcindor in Miami, Florida. Yamiche is a journalist who works for PBS NewsHour as a White House correspondent and contributes politically to MSNBC and NBC News.


Cline attended Bowie State University in Bowie, Maryland and received a Bachelor of Arts in Communications in May 2006.

Employment, career and net worth:

Over the years, Nathaniel has acquired many skills and held many professional positions, including researcher, writer, editor, journalist and videographer.
He began his career in 2007 working for Westmoreland News in Montross, Virginia. He was the publication’s editor,photographer and government journalist.
In July 2011, he moved to Warsaw, Virginia, and joined the Northern Neck News team as a sports writer.
He left Northern Neck News in December 2013 and moved to Cleveland, Ohio, where he began working as a sports reporter for Cleveland (dot) com. He spent more than four years there.
In addition to being a sports writer, Cline has also written articles about the sport, shot videos and edited them for Sun News and The Plain Dealer.
Nathaniel has also found a way to link politics and sport by creating reports focused on the US president’s impact, Donald Trump’s leadership on the locker room and sport in general. In addition to that, he analyzed various high school football games while hosting Friday Night Huddle.
While working in Cleveland, Cline has also conducted surveys, collected useful sports data and covered news on various sports teams such as The Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Browns and the Cleveland Cavaliers.
Currently, he is based in Leesburg, Virginia, working as a government and political reporter for the Loudon Times-Mirror. It went on to be published in May 2018.

Anecdotes, awards and fun facts:

Nathaniel considers herself a motivated, energetic and digitally savvy person.
In addition to reporting, journalism, writing and editing, he is also passionate about technology and is obsessed with video editing.
He also really enjoys sports outside of work and is always aware of his favorite sporting events and teams, whether he is looking for professional purposes or simply as a fan.
Over the years, Cline has received numerous awards for his work, including an Ohio Prep Sportswriters Award, which he received in 2015 for his video about the winning sport.
He also won the Virginia Press Association Awards in 2010, 2011 and 2012 for another award-winning sports video and two sports and feature film writing portfolios.

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