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Who is Mixi Demner? alecia ‘mixi’ demner. American singer/songwriter founder and singer in the metal band Stitched Up Heart.

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Long ago, there finally seems to be a turn for more balance and gender equality in Hard Rock and Metal. Two genres traditionally dominated by men, thanks to the pioneers of recent decades, are rocking more and more ladies proudly as they rightly take their place in the rankings. Amid all this comes Los Angeles, California’s Stitched Up Heart, a band founded by Alecia ‘Mixi’ Demner. Mixi has worked hard and dedicated to her artistic vision and has helped the band advance in preparing for their second album Darkness in 2020. An expected follow-up to the positively received 2016 debut album, Never Alone, Stitched Up Heart are looking to keep attracting attention and build their following. Excited for the new release, Mixi recently sat down to talk about the band’s last few years, keep their sound fresh, toured with Steel Panther and more.

Cryptic Rock – Stitched Up Heart first came together in 2010 and has since released a list of EPs, your highly charted debut album in 2016, and toured heavily. How has the journey been so far for the band?

Alecia ‘Mixi’ Demner – It’s been a great trip so far. It’s like planting a seed, watering it every day and seeing it grow. We’ve had so many great experiences so far that without this band we could never have experienced it.

Cryptic Rock – That’s great to hear and it keeps growing. As a singer, you have an extremely dynamic range. You can go from loud shouting to softer singing, to even deeply emotional areas. How did you develop your voice over the years?

Alecia ‘Mixi’ Demner – When I started singing I was against any kind of classical training. I knew I wanted to develop MY voice that would be unique to what I would learn with lessons. Once I found elements that distinguish me vocally, I realized that I had to learn the right technique for a long life. My goal has always been to really find my real voice as a singer.
stictched up – Interview – Alecia ‘Mixi’ Demner of Stitched Up Heart

never alone – Interview – Alecia ‘Mixi’ Demner of Stitched Up Heart

Another century

Cryptic Rock – Well, you definitely have a unique style and an exceptional range. As mentioned earlier, the band’s 2016 record, Never Alone, made quite an impact – debuted in the Top 10 of both the Billboard Heatseeker and The Hard Rock charts. How exciting was it to see such a positive reaction to Never Alone?

Alecia ‘Mixi’ Demner – I don’t think any of us knew what impact that album would have. We were all shocked by every milestone. Never Alone is a record we are very proud of.

Cryptic Rock – As it should be! It’s been three years since Never Alone and now you’re back with Darkness scheduled for release in 2020. Striking interest from fans early on, you’ve already released three singles prior to the new album. How was the writing and recording process this time?

Alecia ‘Mixi’ Demner – We’ve written over 70 songs for the new record Darkness. With this album we really wanted to explore our boundaries. I am a great advocate of trying out new things and stretching ourselves. There are songs that evolve well compared to the previous album, but there are also those that don’t look like it at all. The point was to stop doing the same thing and make an extensive album from the album we just did, but to really challenge ourselves.

Cryptic Rock – True, and it looks like there’s been a lot of growth, too. From what we’ve heard so far, Darkness’s material seems a little more sophisticated. Do you feel like this new album is a step forward in the direction you want to take the band in?

Alecia ‘Mixi’ Demner – I don’t see it as direction for the band. I see it as direction for this particular album. I just don’t want every record to sound the same. I want to change it and try new things and never keep a pigeon in one sound forever. That would be so boring!

Cryptic Rock – Understandable. One of the songs that have already been released is the single “Lost” in which you collaborate with Sully Erna or Godsmack. How did you get in touch with Sully and what was it like to work with him?

Alecia ‘Mixi’ Demner – Sully and I met a few years ago when the label sent me to work with him. Over time, we’ve just become really good friends. He’s the kind of person who tries to help the little guys and pay for it. That’s what he’s done for us, and we’re eternally grateful.