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Maya Rockeymoore (born January 31, 1978) is an American politician. She served as chairwoman of the Maryland Democratic Party. She also fought for governor of Maryland.


She was heavily associated with her husband, Elijah Cumming (politician). However, her partner died on 18 October 2019 at the age of 68. The news of her death shook her from within. She couldn’t believe it when she lost her companion.


Elijah, however, struggled for a long time with health challenges. In the meantime, he was with the doctors at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. Because of the serious illness, he was unable to return to work.


Maya felt honored when she became part of Elijah’s incredible journey. On the other hand, Cummings took over the duties of the 7th Congressional District of Maryland.


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Maya Rockeymoore was born on January 31, 1978, in Texas, USA. She lived in several states because her father, Thomas Charles, had used Rockeymoore as an Air Force.


On the other hand, Hazel Brown Rockeymoore, Maya’s loving mother, passed away on September 2015. Her two siblings are Meredith and Mark Cummings.


She graduated from Prairie View A & M University in 1993. She received her Ph.D. from Purdue University in 2000. She also wrote her dissertation on political science.


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She married Elijah in 2008. However, the couple had no children. She cared for her stepdaughters Jennifer J. Cummings and Adia Cummings. The three lived together like friends.


In the meantime, Adia graduated from Harvard University. They posed at an event with Obama. Although Mr. Cummings was declared dead, this is sad news for her. Adia and Jennifer’s father were her greatest strength.

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