Matijana Ross Bio, Net Worth, Age , Wikipedia

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Matijana Ross Bio, Net Worth, Age , Wikipedia
Matijana Ross

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The NBA All-Star recess is officially here… Which means that all players who don’t participate in the weekend festivities can fly to paradise… and Terrence Ross and his wife, Matijana, are on HOT!

There will be a lot of basketball stuff in Chicago this weekend, like the slam dunk and the 3-point contests… they are great and everything, but REAL fun is happening in Turks and Caicos!

Ross and his Orlando Magic teammate Evan Fournier (and his beautiful wife, Laura) are already starting R&R on the beach on Thursday.

There are many things the Ross family can celebrate right now: Terrence has just celebrated a birthday on February 5th, Valentine’s Day is Friday, and hell, they’re both very attractive. That’s something to have fun with!
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Ross has had his fair share of ASW in the past: he won the nailing contest in 2013. You actually applied to participate in the 3-point contest, but the participants were already booked!

But, look at it this way, TR: you’re currently 79 degrees where you are. It’s 11 degrees in Chi-Town.

Who’s the real winner? Enjoy!!