Malcolm Ford

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Who is Malcolm Ford? Malcolm Webster Ford. … Malcolm Webster Ford (February 7, 1862 – May 8, 1902) was an American athlete and journalist known for the murder-suicide in which he shot his brother Paul and then himself.

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Malcolm Ford is a murderous stalker, kidnapper and rapist who appears in the Season Seven episode “The Company”.

Very little is known about Malcolm’s past, although he is said to have been born on June 19, 1967, and has a long criminal record for assaulting and molesting some of his former girlfriends and women he allegedly stalked. What is known is that at some point in 2004, she met Cindi Burns and her family at their local church and began to persecute her. The stalking became so severe that Cindi asked her cousin to profile the stalker and track him down. Eventually, Morgan advised Cindi to flee, as this typically left the stalkers behind and went to Charleston, South Carolina. This did not stop Malcolm, as he managed to kidnap her before buying a gun and killing a man named John Hitchens, another loyalist who was interested in Cindi and who he saw as a competition, in order to frame him as his kidnapper.

For eight years, Malcolm sexually and psychologically abused Cindi, leading her to believe that “The Company” would kill her and her family if she ever disobeyed him. This lie was supported by a ring of twisted sadomasochists to which he apparently joined at some point in his life and also a contract that was the tradition of the ring. In this contract, prisoners who signed their names had to become “slaves” of their captors. Due to the threats and the slavery contract [2] she was forced to sign, Cindi easily submitted to her abuse and eventually became impregnated with her son. Their son, Anthony, was placed under the care of the ring, in a place called “The Hut”, which housed other children caused by this ring. This gave her an additional incentive to obey her commands. Apparently, he would let Cindi see Anthony every Christmas.

Malcolm is seen driving a truck in Chicago for the first time, with Cindi as a passenger. He stops at a traffic light, where the car (coincidentally) Desiree Morgan, Cindi’s cousin. Desiree sees and recognizes Cindi, calling his name and causing Malcolm to panic. She walks away and manages to lose Desiree when she is accidentally hit by another car while chasing him. Desiree survives and tells Morgan of his discovery, prompting him to summon the rest of the BAU. As a result, Malcolm decides to leave, turning Cindi into a suitcase and apparently telling her that they are going to the “cabin”. As he leaves, he attempts to burn the slave contract and many other documents in his fireplace to cover his tracks. Malcolm and Cindi arrive at the home of another sadomasochistic couple, the Maguires. They hide Malcolm’s car and inform him that they can take them to Canada. Cindi asks why they’re not going into the cabin, but Malcolm’s not answering. While Ms. Maguire shows Cindi his “bedroom” (a basement full of torture devices), Malcolm chats with Mr. Maguire, who compliments Cindi’s servants. Mr. Maguire gives him a phone and the number of someone who can take him to Toronto that night.

The next night, Malcolm and Cindi stop at a store to get Malcolm’s dinner. Cindi begins to cry despite Malcolm’s orders to stop, and he teaches her a “lesson” by strangling her with her seatbelt and telling her to take the cab out of her head. Cindi enters the store to get food, taking only Malcolm’s revolver, while Malcolm waits for his partner. Malcolm immediately discovers that Cindi has put the gun in his pocket and enters the store, where he stops Cindi and threatens her, telling her that he can have his son Anthony killed with a phone call. As a result, Cindi returns his gun to him. When they come out, a packet of spaghetti that Cindi had stolen suddenly sets off the alarm. The store manager tries to investigate, but Malcolm won’t get anything, quickly paying the man and realizes that the police will arrive soon. Morgan and Rossi surprise him to get away from the store, but quickly discover that Cindi is not with him. Malcolm smiles and laughs when he discovers Morgan’s identity, even taunting his agent, and offers no resistance while being taken into custody.