Lisa Lerer Bio, Wiki, Age, Married

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Lisa Lerer Bio, Wiki, Age, Married

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Lisa Lerer is a political journalist who previously served as a campaign correspondent for 2016 presidential candidate Hilary Clinton.

Family and early life:

Lisa grew up divided between two states: New York and Pennsylvania.
  Parents: She is the daughter of two authors and, as such, said she always thought she would have a career that involved writing.
  From a young age, Lerer was described as mostly introverted, but with an outspoken streak when she needed to be understood.

Statement details:

After doing well in high school, Lisa gained acceptance from the University of Pennsylvania. She said her work in her high school newspaper and discussion group helped her a lot with her college application.
  She graduated from the university with a degree in Communication and a specialisation in political science.
  From there, he went on to attend the School of Journalism at Columbia University, where he earned his Master’s degree.

Career, salary and equity:

Lerer’s first big role outside the university was as an online journalist with “The National Journal”. He stayed with that company for one year, before accepting an offer as a reporter for American Lawyer Magazine.

In September 2006, she began a short job with Forbes, although she only remained in that role for a few months.
  In May 2007, she began working for The Politico as a writer and journalist. She said this was the first role that made her teeth sink into the political news, and she’s very grateful.
  Her next role saw her work as a White House correspondent for Bloomberg News from 2010 to 2014. During this time, he had to travel with former President Barack Obama.
  After a few months of hiatus in late 2014, Lisa resumed her career in March 2015 and began her role with the Associated Press as a political reporter. She was initially in charge of running Hilary Rodham Clinton’s campaign, but after the election, she began working as a general political journalist.
  In August 2018, Lisa left AP and joined The New York Times as a reporter. She is also seen on CNN as a political analyst during panel discussions.

Private life:

Lisa was an identified member of the 400-year-old journalist community until it closed in 2010.
  The group famously coordinated with each other to ensure positive messages were presented about Barack Obama and the Democratic Party, while less favourable things were published in Sarah Palin.
  Lisa has been married to Marcus Bleyer since 2010. Marc is a graduate of Columbia University and has worked for the deputy mayor’s office for planning and economic development. The couple has two children.