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The story of Lance Herndon, Dionne Baugh, was a real deadly attraction and was sometimes referred to as a “millionaire murder case”. It was based on the murder of Atlanta playboy Lance Herndon, a handsome black Gatsby-like millionaire businessman in Atlanta whose naked body was found in his bed. The killer was Jamaican scorned lover and Marta’s assistant to the management dionne Baugh, also known as Dionne Andrea Baugh and Dionne Nelson.

Dionne Baugh: Scorned Lover Trial

I remember the day I turned on Court TV and a lot of beautiful black women represented the booth. All had arranged to meet with the computer consultant and entrepreneur of Access Inc., and some were part of the harem of the women with whom he had slept at the same time! I had the opportunity to speak about the case for the first time on television when a producer of TV One’s Fatal Attraction contacted me. The show was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2014. It was my first appearance on a national television show. Below is a timeline of Lance Herndon’s murder case.

Black Millionaire: Lance Herndon Timeline

1955: Lance Herndon was born in Harlem, New York. His mother Jackie works in retail and his father Russell Harrison Herndon works in casual jobs, although he prefers to deal with many women in local bars. As a young child, Lance Herndon is cared for by babysitters. As he gets older, he is a key child, but he learns to take care of himself and follow his mother’s strict rules. Jackie Herndon often leaves detailed notes to her son. These notes will help make Lance a highly developed and organized businessman. He also learns to break away from women.

1960s-1970s: Lance Herndon is sweet and ambitious and excels in elementary and high school. At the time of his graduation, he had already developed a penchant for computers and technology. Lance Herndon has a degree in computer science and works for some tech companies where he is so familiar with the computer industry that he becomes his fiercest competitor.

1980s: Lance Herndon has several marriages. His first wife is Puerto Rican. His second wife is a Creole woman from New Orleans. The third woman is a pretty brown woman named Jeannine, a flight attendant who gives him a son. The newly married couple settle in a beautiful mansion in a quiet suburb of Roswell, a step or two from the bustling city of Atlanta.

Jeannine is happy. She has her husband, son, villa and millions. But she doesn’t have Lance’s heart and commitment. Being a family man doesn’t suit him. He tries, but can’t stop the affair with other women. He’s a bit cruel with a chopped-off business side. And women are nothing but sexual pleasure. They don’t need to believe that they are something else, or they will quickly hurt their feelings.

1990s: According to a book written about the case, Lance Herndon even dealt his wife some emotional blows by often telling her that she should be glad he was interested in a woman with a dark complexion, since most of the women who saw him are light-skinned.

Jeannine Herndon is deeply hurt and is doing everything she can to please her husband. She changes her hair. She moves. She tries to be sexier. But nothing works. Eventually, she packs her bags and walks after finding nude pictures of Lance Herndon’s latest toy, a beauty named Talana Carroway (Talana Carraway).

After his divorce, Lance falls in love with Kathy Collins, a woman with light skin and long silky hair. For some, it looks almost white. She is his leading actress. Lance Herndon, often dressed in his black tuxedo, takes her to parties with splashing water. And she is the only woman he is allowed to leave at home. Lance’s mother knows that Kathy is all about money and doesn’t love her son. In fact, she can’t suffer from any of Lance’s new girlfriends.

Lance Herndon makes a name for himself in the city. His business ability attracts the attention of some respected men: Mayor, President Bush, and President Clinton. The business seems to be going well, but Lance has a secret. He is poor in pockets and uses credit lines to preserve his larger-than-life image. The truth is that his financial world is collapsing around him and he cannot get rid of an annoying woman who does not allow him to throw her away like the others.

After meeting Dionne Baugh, he is impressed by her charm and Jamaican accent.

2019: Where is Dionne Baugh now?

The murder case of the black millionaire is a fascinating story. Many people wonder where Dionne Baugh is today. During the 2014 investigation of the case, I was told that Dionne remained in Georgia after her release from prison. One person also suggested that she was once in Florida. She said she is very resusive and doesn’t want to be back in the news.

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