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LaBritney Franklin Bio, Net Worth, Birthday & Age


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New Love & Hip Hop The cast member of the fifth season of Hollywood, Labritney Franklin, has ambition for days and fights to match. But who is Labritney? His biography is almost like a film script: She became a mother very early in life, but still found a way to navigate the path of success. And now, still young, is prepared to take everything the TV has to offer. But will you sail through the heckled waters of the TV drama–and in Hollywood, thousands of miles from your home in Detroit–prove to be too much for the singer of “How We do”, or will she rise again?

The beloved Hollywood star, Masika Kalysha, of Love & Hip hop, moved and is currently clapping on WEtv’s Grow up Hip hop. So there’s a void in Mona’s kingdom in Hollywood, and it looks like Labritney on Love & Hip Hop can help fill it out. The official biography of the artist, VH1, refers to it as “Hiper-ambiciosa”, and its agitation is definitely reminiscent of the mould Masika Kalysha.

Tyler, the creator, the genius who challenges hip hop

Labritney-whose full name is Labritney Franklin-has been a great name in the hip-hop scene of Detroit for years. She is a single mother and has been one since she is a teenager; His introduction video of Lhhh explains that “transforming his dream into a career was a difficult road “, but that transformed it into the artist “faithful and hardworking” that she already knows in Michigan.

But who is labritney when the cameras are off? His official biography does not tell the whole story-for example, as Labritney revealed in a 2017 interview with Stewe, she really gave birth to the fourteen years. (The son of Labritney almost never appears in his social media feeds, and also does not have the age of Labritney; in fact, she is one of the few new stars of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood rubbing her page on Instagram before her debut in the program.)

So, 30-year-old Labritney has been a full-time mother for just over half of her life, and a full-time professional in the music industry for almost half the time. She put her story like this:

I’ve always been in performing arts since I was a little girl-dancing, singing in the choir, I was a cheerleader… I didn’t go to college, so I could join a group of girls [and sing] Disney pop. . It was when it went from being just a passion to being real… I became a mother when I was fourteen years old. I have to balance my life very well, to make sure I’m being a complete mother… but I also have to give 100% to my career and what I do. And I remember moments when I was like,, should I give up on this and have a regular job and live a normal life? … But if I spend a day not devoted to my craft, I go crazy. This is what I do.

Labritney also stated that his agitation is so strong that she doesn’t even have time for relationships. “I never dated before ,” she said, adding that “I was in a long relationship and ended up separating myself “. (We are betting that this can change very soon, thanks to the demands of the reality show).

One of the first brushes of Labritney with national fame came in the form of his popular series of lamix videos, which she produced and directed over 2016 and 2017. According to Labritney itself, the remix series was just a way for her to pick up popular songs and put her own (often the Capella) revolve over them, with a specifically DIY approach. She explained what happened at the beginning of last year, when the series began to take off:

I recreate the production using household items such as Hennessy bottles, hot sauce, Doritos, and then I would create my own vocal arrangements upon production. I also created my own choreography and wardrobe. It’s literally a woman’s band. So while I’m doing these videos, they ended up becoming viral. Many artists and great blogs have reposted my videos that helped me grow. That’s why social media is amazing. You literally have the world at your fingertips.

Another reason for the popularity of Lamix’s videos was how short they were. For example, here is the version of Labritney on the classic of Queen of Soul, “Respect “, which is just enough to get an idea of the general vibration of Labritney too:

But as Labritney also explained, Lamix’s tracks began to classify it as a “social media girl”, and it meant that she “was not being recognized by the artist [she is].” Then she stepped up her own game and began launching original tracks more often, using her new exhibit as a springboard. The video of “Celebration”, his last single, was just released this week, in time with his debut in Love & Hip Hop:

To accompany Labritney among the episodes, you can follow her on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and of course in the

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