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Kristina was born on November 16, 1992 in Russia under the zodiac sign Scorpio, but grew up in a nursing home in Lexington, Kentucky, USA. She is best known for her appearance on “The Bachelor”. She has a sister from her biological mother, but there is no information about her parents. She holds both American and Russian citizenship.

Early life and education
Kristina did not have an easy childhood. Her biological mother threw her out when she was a child, and she remained in an orphanage until she was 12. She was then adopted with three other children. She doesn’t like to talk about her early years. Her biological mother left her alone for too long and ate nothing for days – she says her mother was an alcoholic and loved drinks more than she did. She was adopted in Russia and then moved to the United States with her new family. She claims that she can’t speak Russian well because she hasn’t used it for a long time.

She studied anesthesia, dental hygiene, dental surgery and epidemiology at the University of Kentucky.

Kristina works as a dental assistant, but she became famous when she first appeared on “The Bachelor,” a game show in which a single bachelor brings several women together over a few weeks and turns one by one off the single – his alleged true love – stays. She appeared on the show’s 21st season with 36-year-old Nick Viall. She left the show in Week Seven and finished fifth this season. She appeared in the seventh season of 2017’s “Bachelor in Paradise.” It’s unclear whether anything happened between Kristina and Dean, one of the contestants this season, but she decided to end the show in week three.

Kristina Schulman
There are rumors about Kristina and her friend from the “The Bachelor” show – Dean Unglert. Her fans are sure they both have a romantic relationship. However, there seems to be a triangular love affair between Kristina, Dean and Danielle Lombard, another contestant on the show. We’ll probably find out what’s going on in the next season of “The Bachelor,” as Kristina will be back in the lead role.

Regarding her adoptive parents, Kristina says she admires her most because they have opened their hearts and homes to her and three other children from the orphanage.

Appearance and wealth
Kristina is a brunette, but has black eyes. It is about 1.57 m tall and weighs about 52 kg. Their vital stats are 34-27-33.

Key sources say Kristina’s current fortune of more than 200,000 US dollars comes from her main occupation and from her previous appearances on “The Bachelor” and “Bachelor in Paradise” and that she is from the next series of the more income should have the latter.

When they asked Kristina who she would be for a day if she could pick a person, she said how she would like to be her biological mother to see what her days looked like. Kristina talked about her love triangle when she was invited as a guest on “Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” She has a cat and a dog named Dixie. Kristina founded her own fashion line called “SheLift” and includes tank tops, T-shirts, sweatshirts and the like. She doesn’t smoke, she doesn’t have tattoos and doesn’t like them. In her spare time, she loves to travel and read books – the most popular are E.L. James’s “50 Shades of Grey” series.

Her favorite actress is Meryl Streep, who sees her as a great actress because she can adapt to any role she gets. Her favorite actor is Justin Hartley. Her favourite food is grilled chicken. Her favorite show is “Ninja Warrior,” which claims the show motivates her to train. Her favorite musicians include Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, The Weeknd and Justin Timberlake. When she was four years old, she once ate lipstick – her mother left her home without food, and Kristina was hungry when she decided to try a found lipstick. That’s why her mother threw her out of the house and when she started living in an orphanage.

She’s quite active on social media – her Instagram account has over 700,000 followers and she’s posted more than 300 times. She has also joined Twitter since December 2016. Since then, she has tweeted about 1,500 times and has about 110,000 followers. She wants her boyfriend to be strong both physically and mentally. She also likes to get roses if you’re interested in moving.

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