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Who is Korie Koker? With her rock star looks, Korie Koker stands out in a crowd. In addition to her real love of music, she is better known as a co-owner of the well-known restaurant Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar and Grill. … He is “The Count” Koker who runs a car restoration company and is the star of the reality TV show Counting Cars.famous actor and wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, after the couple discovered they couldn’t have their own children.

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You could say that Korie has worked himself up the ladder of fame and fortune. After following a career in broadcasting, she started working in television production as she went from one TV station to another. After giving up the work behind the camera, she continued to devise and produce shows and shows on TV, while she was in some of them herself.

However, her actual success would come later when she started her restaurant with Danny. With this, they would finally realize their dream: to pursue the idyll of the rock star, cook and serve good food while bands perform songs and sets in their restaurant. Korie runs the restaurant, locates and books good bands to perform, and you can enjoy these rock bands that deliver full-on rock songs with so much enthusiasm and passion that you could be at a real rock concert. These live performances are a total of almost 300 a year, and Korie continues to enjoy promoting them and living the dream.
What happened to Korie Koker?

Last year came the news that a certain Korie Koker was killed in a car accident. That’s why people thought the celebrity rock star TV personality was dead. As unique as Korie Koker’s name may be, it turned out that the one who died was not the celebrity Korie Koker. To date, Korie Koker is still alive and busy enjoying life and her love of rock music, while serving people food at her and Danny’s restaurant.
How old is Korie Koker?

Korie Koker was born in the summer of 1965. Her exact date of birth is august 8. This means that Korie will be 54 this year, 2019.
What is korie Koker’s nationality?

Korie was born in Las Vegas, Nevada and is an American.
Is Korie Koker married or single?

Korie Koker is married to Danny “The Count” Koker, the owner of the very famous restoration company Count’s Kustoms.
How many children does Korie Koker have?

With their eccentric personalities, the views of Korie Koker and Danny Koker on life are quite unique, which is why they have no intention of having children. However, the celebrity couple are very much in love and happy.
How long is Korie Koker and how much does she weigh?

Korie is quite tall because she is 5 feet 7 centimeters long. She weighs about 140 pounds.
How much is korie Koker’s net worth?

The couple is wealthy and husband Danny has a net worth of a whopping $13 million. Although her net worth has not been disclosed, Korie’s is expected to be in the millions, just like her husband’s.