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Kenneth Keen Bio, Harvard, Image, bcg

Kenneth Keen is Senior Partner and Managing Director of Boston Consulting Group. He is also known as the wife of Fiona Hill, who previously served in the Trump administration as senior director for Europe and Russia on the National Security Council. Hill resigned in July 2019.

As part of the official impeachment investigation, Hill testified that she and former national security adviser John Bolton were concerned about attempts by Rudy Giuliani to pressure Ukraine. She is due to give evidence in public on Thursday, November 21.

Kenneth Keen has held back, even when Fiona Hill was thrust into the national spotlight. But he seems to have been known to her Trump administration colleagues.

Kenneth Keen Education & Career

Keen Linkedln shows that he studied history at Dartmouth College from 1984 to 1988. He later moved to Havard University, where he met his future wife in 1991 for a master’s degree in Russian. After Harvard, he worked as a public affairs manager in the pharmaceutical industry. He lists her most recent studies as an MBA in Finance, Strategy, and Marketing from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management class from 2000.

Kenneth Keen focused on Russian as a student, but it seems that he never pursued the subject as a career. After graduating with an MBA, Keen worked for the Boston Consulting Group in 2000. His title on the company’s website is listed as Managing Director & Senior Partner.

A look at Keen’s Linkeldn bio shows that he has “worked intensively with leading health and consumer companies, especially in areas related to marketing, sales, and organization.”

Kenneth Keen LinkedIn

Fiona Hill and Kenneth Keen met on the Harvard University campus. According to a Harvard alumni newsletter, both were working on their master’s degrees. Hill worked as a tutor at Cabot House, where she and Keen met for the first time. The residence is described on the university’s website as an “academic community of around 380 students as well as associate tutors, faculty members, and scientists”.

However, it is not clear whether Keen was also a tutor or whether they worked together on certain projects. It simply says that Cabot House is “the place where she met her husband Kenneth Keen and later married”.

Kenneth Keen Daughter

Kenneth Keen and Fiona Hill are parents to a daughter. The New York Times reported that her daughter is now 12 years old.

The daughter of Keen and Hill attends the same school attended by several children of former presidents: Sidwell Friends. It is a private institution attended by alumni, including Obama daughters, Chelsea Clinton, Al Gore’s son and the grandchildren of Joe Biden.

According to the 2018 release of Sidwell Friends, Keen and Hill were listed as parents of a child who will graduate in 2025.

Fiona Hill Testimony

Fiona Hill testified at the inquest after receiving a subpoena. Her full testimony has been published and can be viewed here. She told lawmakers that former national security adviser John Bolton had described Rudy Giuliani as a “hand grenade that will blow everyone up.” She said Bolton had instructed her to go to John Eisenberg, a lawyer for the National Security Council, over the allegations of pressure on Ukraine to launch an investigation into Joe Biden.

Hill also testified that she had received death threats at her home before testifying. In the official transcript of her testimony, she said others had raised concerns about her safety. She is due to give evidence in public on Thursday, November 21, 2019.