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Kendall Barter Kings Bio, Net Worth, Birthday & Age


Who is Kendall Barter Kings?

Kendall-Leigh Neuner is a model and actress, most popular for her appearance on the TV show A & E reality “Barter Kings”.

Kendall is originally from Cambridge, Massachusetts, But when she was 9 years old, she moved to Beverly Hills.
She then stayed there until she had to change Santa Barbara, california, for her studies.
After some time, she returned to Los Angeles, where she graduated from California State University Northridge. here, She is a Bachelor of sociology with a focus on criminology.

Kendal-Leigh appeared as a model in Prophet’s & Poet’s magazine, reven 100 clothing, LA Kings Coffee Table and many other Magazines.
She also appeared in several videos and music videos.
On television, she made her discovery with the American television series Barter Kings Season 1, 2 and 3 broadcast by A & E. The TV show features Antonio Palazzola and Steve McHugh while negotiating several articles. His job was to run the Building’s office and call his team when she found some clues.
She appeared in two commercials: in Sketchers as an artistic girl and in Bud Light “Port Paradise” as Party People.

Big fan of Nick Cave and Charles Bukowski.

She’s an equestrian and she loves to Run.
She loves Tattoos. In fact, she has several tattoos on her body.
She believes the best films about organized crime are American Me, blood in Blood Out, God Father and American History X.
Loves the Lucky charms cereals and crunch cinnamon crunch
The grossest thing she ever put in her mouth was on the set at Barter King, they went for lunch and Gobbly Wobbles. She didn’t know back then that they were graticule of Bull!
She hates Sprouts.
He thinks the most overrated rock bands are the Red Hot Chili peppers and U2.
For her, the best characters in a film are Jack Nicholson, Orson welles, Anjelica Huston, Tobias F√ľnke and Jessica Lange.
Kendall-Leigh Neuner is a tall brunette (5 ‘ 9 ‘ ‘) with short brown hair. His weight is 125 pounds.


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