Kelly Dobeck Biography, Age, Father

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Kelly Dobeck Biography, Age, Father
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Kelly Dobeck Bio, Net Worth, Birthday & Age


Kelly Dobeck is from Strongsville, Ohio and is looking forward to being back home and forecasting snow with a sea effect. She knew she wanted to be a meteorologist when she was a young girl.

One of her favorite memories is setting up a weather station in her playground with her father and watching storms in front of Lake Erie.

Before returning to northeast Ohio, Kelly tracked tornadoes in KARK/KLRT in Little Rock Arkansas.

She also got a taste of the prediction for the Master’s tournament at WRDW / WAGT in Augusta, Georgia.

After spending some time in the South, she looks forward to being back in her home state, cheering on the Browns, Cavs, and Indians, and dining at some of her favorite places.

Kelly’s prognosis background has taken her many places. From predicting the orographic buoyancy of snow in the Carolina Mountains to working for NASA in predicting the ice storm in the south. She holds a degree in Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology from the University of North Carolina at Asheville.

She also has her amateur radio license. Kelly is looking forward to returning to the challenges of Lake Erie.