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Who how old age and tall is Kayla Nicole and Profile Now (2020) ?

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Kayla Nicole is an American YouTuber, comedian, social media personality, recording artist and model from Montgomery, Alabama. She is the founder of Nicole TV, a popular YouTube channel with over 2.8 million followers that features comic skits, funny beauty tutorials and personal vlogs. It also has a massive media presence on Instagram; His account, Kaylanicolejones, has 3.2 million followers. Three of his most popular videos include “Ponytail Tutorial”, “The Ponytail Goes To School; Subscriber Give “e” Single Mom Routine”. Its old 5-year-old channel has already garnered over 123 million views.

Nicole was born on May 26, 2001 in Montgomery, Alabama. He began producing comic content from the age of 13. With a large community that follows, Kayla is gaining handsomely and expanding her boundaries. She ventured into music and, from her Instagram account, tried to model.

Kayla Nicole created Nicole TV on December 29, 2014. About a week later, on January 7, he uploaded his first video titled “When Someone Has An Ugly Baby”. Apparently, the 24-second clip worked well because it received 99% rating approval and now has 750K th views on YouTube. Two months later, Kayla uploaded the famous “Horsetail Tutorial”, a fun beauty tutorial video that immediately went viral. In the first 5 years online, the clip has been viewed over 12 million times and shared on various social media platforms.

Since it exploded, Kayla has kept up by constantly posting viral videos. Three other clips that made her stand out were “De-Balding Myself”, “The Ponytail Goes To School; Subscriber Give “e” Single Mom Routine”. Together, they have amassed 17 million views north. Unlike many of the best YouTubers, he didn’t collaborate much; most of his skits are on their own. Two of the few YouTubers he’s worked with are Deshae Frost and Taylor Girlz’s Ti.

In addition to being a comedian, Kayla Nicole is also a record artist. One of his most recognizable songs to date is “Decisions”. The song, released in September 2019, has now garnered 1.7 million more spins in 2 months. Other notable tracks include “Late Night”, “Move Like A Snake”, and “Recovered”. During an interview, he mentioned his affiliation with Six Figure Records.

Kayla Nicole’s height is under review. His net worth is estimated at over 500 thousand euros. He makes money from his YouTube videos, online store and music. His Instagram account also has the credentials to produce a lot of money as an influencer. During an interview, Kayla explains that she lost many friends after blowing up. She’s alone and it’s around family members. Thanks to her success, Kayla is now contacted by other YouTubers who are interested in collaborating. During an interview, Kayla admitted to attempting suicide twice. Her Instagram account has over 3.2 million followers. Nicole TV, her YouTube channel, has over 2.8 million subscribers. His relationship status is currently unknown. She cares deeply about what others think of her.