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Kayce Smith is a sports broadcaster, reporter and animator. She is currently located in Boston, MA, where she is part of NBC Sports Boston. Smith appears on the new show of the network “Boston Sports Tonight” which broadcasts the weekday evenings of 9-Midnight east.


Before joining NBC Sports, Kayce left the sidelines to embrace his experience in sports radio and his passion for sharing his opinions. She has hosted a national radio program in partnership with SB Nation Radio and Gridiron Now. The first show of its kind, “the Kayce Smith Show”, aired 50 episodes and presented hot topics on the hottest subjects of university football and beyond Kayce and guests from all over the country.


She spent full time on the 2015-2016 Dry network, covering college football, basketball and gymnastics. In 2014-2015, Smith worked as an independent journalist for ESPN; Appearing on the live events dry Network, ESPN and ESPNU. She was also a journalist for the SportsCenter football Club.


Before joining the ESPN family, she worked for Fox Sports South as a reporter for the Atlanta hawks in 2014. She studied at Texas A & M University and obtained a bachelor’s degree in communication and a minor in journalism. She is represented by Josh Santry, CAA agent.


Kayce has been diagnosed with stage 1 melanoma in 2013 and is currently in remission (thanks to his wonderful oncologist at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas). She works closely with MD Anderson: CancerWise and LIVESTRONG to promote skin cancer awareness and support those currently struggling with cancer.


She‘s from Arlington, Texas.


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Kayce Smith has a net worth $70 – $79999

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