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, Kate Bedingfield Bio, Net Worth, Birthday & AgeAs rumors swirl about Joe Biden’s potential 2016 presidential whirlwind, his latest aide is only intensifying speculation. So who is Kate Bedingfield, Vice President Biden’s recently hired communications director? Bedingfield moves from the film industry to the White House, but has a political past and served as a spokeswoman for John Edwards’ 2008 campaign. Bedingfield, who took up her new job on Monday, could be preparing for another presidential campaign this election cycle (if Biden ever decides to do so).

Bedingfield has replaced Shailagh Murray as Biden’s communications director since Murray became a senior adviser to President Obama in March. In a statement announcing his new job, Vice President Biden said: “Kate is a talented person who brings a number of communication experiences to the team. She will be an important adviser to me, a great asset to our office and an important member of the entire White House organization. Biden’s announcement did not honor Bedingfield’s previous position in Edwards’ campaign, but he did mention her role as communications director for Jeanne Shaheen’s successful 2008 Senate campaign and contributed to her electoral competence.

Bedingfield is originally from Atlanta and is no stranger to the White House. Previously, she was Deputy Director of Media Affairs, Director of Response and Deputy Communications Director for communications related to the administration’s agenda.

Despite her experience in Washington, Bedingfield will have to move from her last four years in Hollywood to life on the Hill. Prior to joining the Vice President’s office, Bedingfield was Vice President of Corporate Communications at the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). Chris Dodd, chairman of the MPAA, told Variety: “During her tenure at the MPAA and as our chief spokeswoman, Kate has proven to be a trusted adviser and strategic thinker whom I have turned to to provide guidance on how to communicate the number of people. I would like to thank Kate for her hard work and am confident that she will serve Vice President Biden with the same energy and commitment to excellence that she has done MPAA. I wish her all the best. ”

Vice President Biden’s decision to hire a communications director with presidential experience appears to be another indication that he may be running for president for a third time. There have been other signs lately – according to CNN, Biden met privately with Senator Elizabeth Warren at his home on Saturday to discuss economic policy, and a small team of advisers set out a campaign strategy in case he decides to leave. campaign. Warren, a beloved Democrat who does not govern herself, has not yet endorsed any of the liberal candidates, and now people are speculating that she could run for Biden’s vice president. Let’s hope Biden ends the tension soon, for our sake.

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