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, Kameron Cline Bio, Net Worth, Birthday & AgeKameron N. Cline was the daughter of Chris Cline, an American billionaire, mining entrepreneur, businessman and philanthropist.

Kameron died in a helicopter crash with his father Chris Cline on Thursday, July 5, 2019. Six other people were on board.

Kameron was born out of Chris Cline’s second marriage to his second wife Kelly. They were married from 1993 to 2000. Kameron was born in the time when the two were married. In addition to her, Cline has a daughter named Candice L. Cline and two sons, Christopher and Alex.

Chris was also married to a first wife named Sabrina, who died of cancer in 1987. An obituary of Sabrina’s father shows that only Candice was her daughter with Chris Cline.

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