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Senior reporter Julio Rosas of Townhall, who is on the ground in Seattle covering the city’s police-free “Autonomous Zone,” thinks the mainstream media is downplaying the story, and that the coverage would be more hostile if President Trump’s supporters share a city.

Liberal news casts have largely downplayed the six-block downtown, the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), largely because of its location in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. CNN has dismissed the chaos, with The New York Times celebrating it as “a homeland for racial justice.”


President Trump told Fox News’ Harris Faulkner in an exclusive interview Thursday that his administration “will not let Seattle be occupied by anarchists.” But as of Friday morning, the ‘Autonomous Zone’ remained fully in force and Rosas is there to document every turn. He has mentioned “tensions within the loose coalition of people occupying the area” and appeared Thursday night on Fox News “The Ingraham Angle” to record the latest developments.
Julio Rosas, senior reporter at Townhall, said CNN’s claims about the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” are “simply not true.”

Julio Rosas, senior reporter at Townhall, said CNN’s claims about the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” are “simply not true.”

In an email interview with Fox News’ Media Angle, Rosas explained what CNN has made wrong, the most incredible thing he’s seen on the ground and how he’s preparing to handle potentially violent events.

MEDIA ANGLE: What is the biggest misconception of the media when it comes to coverage of Seattle’s ‘autonomous zone’?

Rosas: I think the biggest misconception in the media is that only good things happen in and around the autonomous zone. As I’ve documented over the past few days, things aren’t all sunshine, rainbows and unicorns. There has been fighting, there has been an armed ‘warlord’ and there has been threats of violence. Yes, things were mostly peaceful, but that’s not all that’s happening here.


MA: You noted on “The Ingraham Angle” that CNN misrepresented seattle’s “CHAZ.”” What went wrong?

Rosas: CNN is trying to claim that there are no armed members of Antifa here in the zone, but that’s just not true. As others have documented, there are Antifa types that have carried weapons in the zone, along with other types of people. I’ve seen some who were armed with wooden or metal poles. They are mainly located on the barricades that have been set up to keep out the police or anyone they think is white supremacist.

MA: Why do you think CNN and other mainstream media outlets have tried to reject what’s happening in Seattle?

Rosas: Honestly, I’m not surprised that the mainstream media are trying to downplay what’s happening here. We saw an MSNBC reporter trying to downplay the riots in Minneapolis while a building behind him was on fire. You can be sure that the coverage of this zone would be more hostile to the media if it were Trump supporters taking over parts of a city. Why they try to reject what’s happening, I’m not sure.

“You can be sure that the coverage of this zone would be more hostile to the media if it were Trump supporters who would take over parts of a city.”
– Senior reporter Julio Rosas of the Town Hall


MA: What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen about CHAZ?

Rosas: The most incredible thing I’ve seen so far is the abandonment of the Capitol Hill neighborhood by the Seattle City Council. When I was in Minneapolis, leaving parts of the city behind for a few days, they gave clear intentions to take back the area. In Seattle, we’ve seen the opposite. Not only have they indicated that they have no intention of taking back the East Precinct soon, but they are also helping the occupiers by providing porta-potties and keeping most of the barricades in place.

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