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Johanna Maska was a longtime adviser to US President Barack Obama.

Maska served as Director of Press Advance for President Obama at the White House. Previously, Maska worked for the Obama campaign from the beginning of the Iowa convention in 2007.  In her role as head of the Press Committee, Maska created the image seen around the world by President Obama, in collaboration with hosts, news organizations and various government agencies, as well as senior White House officials. House. She left the White House in 2015 and moved from DC to LA. Austin Beutner recruited her to join the Los Angeles Times leadership, team.

Maska resigned from The Times after Tribune Publishing fired Austin Beutner.

Maska grew up in Galesburg, Illinois. She went to the University of Kansas, which she credited at an initial address for her optimism.

Maska has talked about families who reconcile everything because she had her son at work in the White House. Seven weeks after the birth of her son, she organized the president’s address to the nation from Afghanistan. She continued to travel to work with a young son and continued to work in the White House until her son was 3 years old.

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