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Who is Jodie Fletcher? Jodie Fletcher is the daughter of celebrity parents, Sheree Zampino and Terrell Fletcher. Her mother, Sheree, is an actress and her father, Terrell, is a former NFL player. Jodie Fletcher was born sometime between 2007 and 2009. She has American citizenship and holds African-American ethnicity.

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Jodie Fletcher was born into a family of celebrities. Jodie’s father is a Terrell Fletcher, a famous NFL player, and her mother, Sheree Zampino, is an actress. Jodie Fletcher is the couple’s only child. The age of Jodie Fletcher is well known; Most believe she’s between 10 and 12 years old. Jodie was born in the United States of America between 2007 and 2009. From now on, her parents are divorced and the reason is referred to as an unbridgeable difference.

Jodie, born, has a celebrity, is blessed with a good and happy life. Her mother, Sheree Zampion, met Terrell Fletcher after the divorce from her first husband, Will Smith. Sheree and Terrell Fletcher tie the knot in the year 2007; the wedding ceremony was lavish and was attended by family and friends. Sheree has a son with her former husband, Will Smith, named Trey Smith. Trey Smith is the half-brother of Jodie Fletcher.

Sheree Zampion and Terrell Fletcher finalized their divorce in 2014, seven years after the marriage. Sheree has demanded spousal support from her x-husband Terrell for Jodie Fletcher. Terrell Fletcher is the senior pastor of the City of Hope International Church. Will Smith is Jodie Fletcher’s stepfather. She is currently teaching and the name of her school is kept out of the media. Jodie Fletcher can hardly be seen in the media because she is kept out of the media by both her parents.

When we found Jodie Fletcher’s roots, we realized it’s amazing. Jodie is an American of nationality and she belongs to African-American ethnicity. Her father, Terrell Fletcher, has two siblings named Bryan Fletcher and Shaun Fletcher. On the other hand, Jodie is extremely close to her maternal grandfather Les Zampion. Sheree is one of her interviews who said her children behave like brother and sister and not as half-siblings. This shows that Jodie and her family members have a strong bond.
Jodie Fletcher’s assets:

Jodie is still a child; it has not yet reached the age of work. Yet Jodie enjoys a lavish lifestyle with her parents – Sheree Zampion and Terrell Fletcher. Her father, Terrell Fletcher, as a professional footballer, is worth $6 million. A significant portion of his earnings were also contributed by him who played for los Angeles Chargers from 1995 to 2002.

Jodie Fletcher

Even Jodie Fletcher’s mother is worth $6 million, which she earned with her acting career and as an entrepreneur. She currently runs a fashion website
Jodie Career:

Jodie has yet to set foot in the industry. Jodie is still a young child who explores her life and enjoys the life of her parents. Jodie Fletcher is seen with her parents on the media attending certain events and functions. Jodie Fletcher is not very active in the media. At the moment Jodie, Fletcher, is very focused on her studies and education. Jodie Fletcher has not yet decided whether she wants to follow her parents’ career choices.