Jeffrey Brezovar Partner Model Death, Wife

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Jeffrey Brezovar Partner Model Death, Wife
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Jeffrey Brezovar Bio, Net Worth, Birthday, Death & Age

Jeffrey Brezovar Wikipedia?

Jeffrey Brezovar is a famous gay American model who has been thrust into the spotlight for donating his sperm to his close friend Camryn Manheim. He is also the father of Milo Manheim, who was born in early March 2001.

Jeffrey began his modeling career in his heyday. When he started, people weren’t so open to sexuality, but his attractive figure and perfect physique made a big impression — more about Jeffrey Brezovar’s Wiki-Bio.

Jeffrey Brezovar is a man attracted to men who would never have had the comfort of giving birth to a child.

He took a step ahead by giving his male gametes to his girlfriend Camryn Manheim so she could give birth to her child.

Camryn Manheim is an American model known for her roles in The Practice, Ghost Whisperer, etc.

She even won the supporting actor award for her role in “The Practice.” Camryn Manheim’s career was at its senility, and she enjoyed all her fame in her life.

She felt a profound desire to have a child, and at that time, she was almost in her forties. It was difficult because she was single.

Her boyfriend Jeffrey Brezovar came because he liked to give a factory and donate his sperm for her. On March 6, 2001, she finally gave birth to a son and named him Milo Manheim.

Milo Manheim is an American actor who starred in the 2018 Disney film Zombies.

He was also the runner-up on the 27th season of Dancing with the Stars and has gained enormous popularity as a result. This season, his mother, Camryn Manheim, always accompanied him.

Milo Jeffrey Brezovar’s Son

Jeffery Brezovar, the biological father of Milo, was once seen dancing with the stars in the audience, and he saw his son perform with Witney Carson.

Although this is a common fact that Jeffery Brezovar donated his sperm to Camryn, the two have not openly accepted this.

Jeffery and Milo were once featured on the magazine’s front page, but Camryn disagreed because she didn’t want her son to be teased later because of a gay father.

Jeffery then appeared alone on the cover. Things changed as the relationship between Jeffery and Milo became ever closer, and the two talked openly about it.

Milo often writes love posts for his father, and the two often go on holiday and enjoy time together.

Personal life:

Jeffrey Brezovar has managed to preserve his life as a great mystery, so not much information about his life is available. The male model gained great popularity when he began meeting with a handsome American architect and television personality, Nathan Jay Berkus, aka Nate Berkus, in 2006. Berkus previously dated Fernando Bengoechea, who died in the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami in Sri Lanka. Jeffrey Brezovar was briefly dating Berkus.

Camry Manheim is an essential name in another essential name in the life of the gay model. Manheim is an American actress who gained popularity after playing the role of Delia Banks in Ghost Whisperer. The female actress always had the dream of having a child of her own before she came into her 40s. For unknown reasons, however, it was never considered romantic. Not with many of his co-stars or anyone else. Jeffrey Brezovar and Camry Manheim have a powerful bond and have seen that they are very supportive of each other. It was Brezovar who, to fulfill his friend’s greatest wish in life, decided to strengthen and donate his sperm so that she could give birth to a child of her own.

In 2001, Camry Manheim gave birth to a little boy, Milo Manheim. For years, she has been trying to hide from the world about her child’s gay father, but the rumors have always been in the air. As soon as people learned of their pregnancy, curious investigations began about who the father might be, as Manheim had not seen that he was with someone. The evidence suggested that Milo Manheim was the son of the gay father, but his other, too devoted to or protecting her child’s identity, kept the secret hidden from the world.

The rumors were recently confirmed in the finale of the 27th season of Dancing with the Stars when Milo Manheim appeared for the competition. Milo Manheim is not ashamed and is indeed proud of his father and openly accepts this fact.

Net Worth

Although the American gay model’s fortune is unknown, his son has made a name for himself in his career. Milo Manheim is reported to have a net worth of about 5 million US dollars, which is no less for a young actor.


Jeffrey is healthy and cheerful. The 47-year-old father of Milo Manheim, Jeffrey Brezovar, enjoys a happy and healthy life. Jeffrey has a mysterious presence. Therefore, it is difficult to know what he is doing, as his current whereabouts are not known. However, he enjoys a happy life at his home in Madison, Palm Springs, California.


Jeffrey Brezovar was born on May 22, 1972, and has been 42 years old since 2019. He was born somewhere in the United States and had American citizenship and is a member of mixed ethnicity.


Go ahead and talk about Jeffrey Brezovar’s married life and wife. He’s a gay man, and he’s not married to anyone like that. He was not married to anyone. He had previously had a brief relationship with his partner Nate Berkus.