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The alleged gunman in the attack on the Capital Gazette was tentatively identified as Jarrod Warren Ramos, from Laurel, Maryland, according to several police sources.

Ramos is charged with five counts of murder in the first degree. At his bail hearing on Friday morning, he was denied bail.

Tom Marquardt, retired editor and chief editor of the newspaper, told the Capital Gazette that he telephoned Anne Arundel’s police for years, due to concerns about the branches ‘ attacks on the newspaper and its journalists on social networks.

“I was seriously worried that he would threaten us with physical violence,” Marquardt said. “I even told my wife, ‘ we have to worry. This guy could really hurt us.

Here’s what we know so far about Ramos:


In 2011, the newspaper published a report on allegations that Ramos pursued an ex-girlfriend, Marquardt said. The article was published five days after Ramos pled guilty to criminal harassment, according to the Associated Press.

In the article, the woman said that Ramos had come into contact with her on Facebook to say that she had been the only person who had been kind to him at school. Feeling he might be experiencing some problems, the woman encouraged him to seek counseling. This triggered months of e-mails in which he, alternatively, asked for help and was unpleasant for her, she said. He called her vulgar names and even told her to kill herself, said the woman to the newspaper.

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