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Jarrid Wilson, a church leader, author and mental health advocate in California, died by suicide on Monday night at the age of 30. Wilson, who is known as a passionate preacher, was most recently an associate pastor at megachurch Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California. Wilson was a co-founder of the nonprofit Anthem of Hope. He was open to his own depression and frequently posted reports on his social media about his struggles with mental illness. Here are some lesser-known facts about the Jarrid Wilson. To learn more about it, browse the following page.


Jarrid Wilson, a 30-year-old pastor, author, and mental health advocate died in California on September 9, 2019. Greg Laurie, senior pastor of Harvest, shared on Facebook about Jarrid’s suicide. Greg expressed his sorrow and wrote about Jarrid’s battle with depression. “Jarrid was repeatedly dealing with depression and was very open to his ongoing struggles. Above all, he wanted to help those who had to deal with suicidal thoughts. Tragically, Jarrid took his life.”


Wilson, who had openly expressed his fight against mental illness via Twitter and Instagram, committed suicide a day before World Suicide Prevention Day. Before he ended his own life, Jarrid still pleaded for suicide. Unfortunately, his life could not be saved!

The news of Wilson’s death followed a series of tweets the young pastor posted throughout Monday about suicide, including a post in which followers were warned that Jesus had illnesses such as depression. PBS or anxiety does not heal, although he loves Jesus’ camaraderie and comfort.


He wrote:


Loving Jesus does not always heal suicidal thoughts.

Loving Jesus does not always cure depression.

Loving Jesus does not always heal PTBS.

Loving Jesus does not always heal fear.

But that does not mean that Jesus offers us no company and no comfort. He always does.


The news of Wilson’s death comes on September 10, the day of suicide awareness, and follows a series of high-profile suicides among pastors and in the mental health community, including 30-year-old Andrew Stoecklein, a pastor from Chino, California, who died often preached about mental illness.


Wilson spoke candidly about his own mental health problems in his recent book Love Is Oxygen: How God Can Give You Life and Change Your World. He blogged earlier this summer that he had spent most of my life dealing with “severe depression” and had thought about suicide several times. On social media, he has regularly encouraged others to deal with similar challenges, with messages such as: “I am a Christian who also struggles with depression. This exists and it is okay to admit it. ”


Breaking the stigma of mental illness is one of the goals of Anthem of Hope, the nonprofit that the pastor founded with his wife July in 2016. Harm, addiction and suicide.


In his summer blog post, Wilson questioned the idea of some Christians condemning those who die by suicide to hell. Christians would not tell anyone with a physical illness like cancer to go to hell because of their diagnosis, he noted. Nor should they accept it from people with mental illnesses, which “can cause many people to do things that they wouldn’t otherwise do if they didn’t fight.”


“Those who say that suicide automatically leads to hell obviously do not understand the totality of mental health problems in today’s world, let alone the basic theology behind compassion and God’s all-consuming grace,” said he. “We need to educate people better about things that are difficult for them. And mental health is definitely an issue that Christians around the world must yearn for in order to understand it better. ”


Where was Jarrid Wilson born?

Jarrid was born Thomas Jarrid Wilson in the California Inland Empire. He is of American nationality and belongs to the White Caucasian ethnic group. He is a Christian in faith and his birthmark is virgin.


We have no information about his family members and his childhood days as the information has yet to be disclosed. He attended Santiago High School. He later enrolled at Liberty University and Hope International University.


Who is Jarrid Wilson married to?

Out of consideration for his private life, Jarrid was married to his wife Julianne Wilson for six years when they exchanged vows on April 27, 2013. On her fifth wedding anniversary, Jarrid took to his Instagram to share how grateful he was to have Julianne as a daughter through his Instagram post before her death. From her six years


Married, the couple was blessed with two sons, Denham and Finch Wilson.


How much wealth does Jarrid Wilson have?

As an author and blogger, Jurrid has to make a lot of money with his career. According to the online site, his estimated net worth at the time of his death is said to be USD 1 million, while his salary is currently in the dark.


How big is Jarrid Wilson?

Before his death, Jarred had a decent size and a decent weight. He was a pretty man with blue eyes and blond hair. His other body information has yet to be disclosed. In case of an update, we will inform you.

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