James Charles Bio, Net Worth, Birthday & Age

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James Charles Bio, Birthday, Net Worth & Age

Best Makeup artist who became the first male spokesperson of CoverGirl. He gained fame on his Instagram account, which has already won over 5 million of followers. Your account presents the makeup looks of your customers and yourself.
Before the fame

He used to do hairstyles before developing interest in makeup. Once he started concentrating on makeup, he practiced on friends.

In 2016, he became the first man to be presented as a CoverGirl model. He publishes makeup and beauty tutorials on his self-titled YouTube Channel, which has won over 5 million of subscribers.
Family life

His father helped him convert his basement into a makeup studio. His younger brother is Ian Charles.
Associated with

With CoverGirl, he had the opportunity to work with the brand’s ambassador, Katy Perry.

James Charles money, net worth

James ‘ estimated patrimony is 2 million, 000. Most of this money comes from its social media activity, magazine contracts and brand endorsements (mainly brands of makeup products).
✎ houses and cars

Place of life: He lives in new York and is often in Los Angeles.

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