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Jacky FontánezJacky Fontánez was born on April 7, 1987 in Caguas, Puerto Rico.

Determination, leadership, sympathy and spontaneity are words that describe this young animator, journalist, actress and broadcaster. From his 8 years he began to develop his skills in dance in ballet and jazz. This led her to be part of dance groups inside and outside her school. Which led her to participate in great talent competitions around the Island.

In 2004 she was selected to represent her school at the Young Liders Conference in Washington DC, being the second youngest of three Puerto Ricans to represent us on that occasion. For 2005, it was chosen to be the promotional image of Puerto Rico Young Models. With this opportunity, she dabbled as a modeling event ceremony teacher and cheerleader for talent competitions.

Jacky participated in the telenovela “My years in the high” broadcast by Video Max. Later on, he had the opportunity to dance with great exponents of urban music and perform in programs such as: Sábado Gigante, Escándalo TV, Despierta América, among others.

In 2006 she was invited as VJ of MTV-PR. For this year she was the animator of Reggaeton Kombat on channel 30 and her interest in television was increasing. He has participated as the main model of several music videos of artists such as: Daddy Yankee, RKM & Ken-Y, Jayko, among others.

The young woman has worked as an animator for various television programs such as: En Ruta por, People Music, Metro Canal and Jangueo TV. She also stood out as an animator of www.tuartistafavorito.com. In some of these programs he has interviewed great artists of music such as: Rúben Blades, Wilkins, Ednita Nazario, Olga Tañón, Juanes, Tito Nieves, Alexis and Fido, Jesse & Joy, Luis Enrique, Lorenzo Duarte, Tito El Bambino, Daddy Yankee, David Bisbal, Wisin and Yandel, among others.

Jackeline has a preparation in speech and was part of the Marquesina Party program on MIX 107.7 FM. He also performs voiceovers for television on the Jangueo TV program. This young woman has excelled in several facets of the arts. In 2010 he participated in Miss Puerto Rico Petite, forming part of the 10 semifinalists.

In this year, Jackeline joined the Wapa night block, Jangueo TV. In the same work, for two years interviewing great artists of the show. During this period I participated as a guest animator in Pégate at the Half Day, encouraged the contest Earn Money Instantly by Wapa and made live reports for Idol Puerto Rico

In 2011, Jackeline participated as a guest cheerleader at El Show de Fernando Hidalgo, Tu Desayuno Alegre y Arrebatados at América Teve and Venevisión de Miami. Experience that helped him to continue making his way in the media in Puerto Rico.

He graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of the Sacred Heart in the concentration of Advertising and holds a Master’s degree in Digital Journalism at the university.

In 2012, Jacky participated as a cheerleader for The Gangster Vault and then hosted the exclusive news channel of Direct TV channel ONDnews.

During the month of April 2013 was part of the cast of the Monologues of the Vagina and made the character of a “nuyorican” Ventetu work.

Jacky was part of the collaborators of El Spot of Mega 106.9fm and of the program Lo Sé Todo en Wapa.

Currently speaking at El Bembé de Z93 and host of the Mech Tech Racing program and Ultra Fit al Día.

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