Ian Roussel – Victor Cacho Full Custom Garage

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Ian Roussel - Victor Cacho Full Custom Garage
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Ian Roussel Bio, Net Worth, Birthday & Age


Ian Roussel is a car manufacturer that builds a unique vehicle according to the needs of its customers. His Custom Cars are in high demand because of the quality of his work and the attention they get. Its unique combination to customize a car makes it one of the great custom car manufacturers in the U.S. That’s why he has his own TV series called Full Custom Garage, which airs on MAVTV.

Ian Roussel did not give many details about his age. Judging by his appearance, his age must be in his early 40s. Despite this, his passion for the car began when he was young. After years of experience, he has built his own car garage. Due to the popularity of the place, he has his own TV series called Full Custom Garage.

Ian Roussel has been working in the Custom Car Building for a very long time. It is not possible to know what earnings he earns from this business. There are also no details about the money he earns as a reality star. As a result, Ian Roussel’s fortune cannot be estimated at this time.

Ian Roussel has gradually gained popularity through his shows. Part of the spotlight has also affected his relationship. At the moment he is happily married. In fact, his wife is also an avid fan of custom cars and builds. However, there are not many details about her name, age, etc.

As a couple with similar interests and personality, the relationship is inevitably strong and long-lasting. Although they have little or no information about their relationship, they seem to have been married for a very long time.