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When you listen to the words “Husky Softball”, comes to mind a name: Heather Tarr (532-215-1). A four-year contract winner in Washington, Tarr helped bring the Huskies to second place at the Women’s College World Series in 1996. A year later, she and the team finished in third place. Graduated in 1998, Tarr was a three-year member of the Pac-10 All-Academic team (1995-1997), a two-year member of the Pac-10 All-Conference team (1996, 1997) and twice appointed to the team NFCA all-West Region (1996, 1997). In 1998, he worked as a student guide, helping the Huskies in third place at the Women’s College World Series 1998. Tarr’s legacy extends beyond his time in the purple and gold uniform, as he was appointed head coach of the program in 2004. Not many may even dream of saying that they were part of a program since childhood, being named head coach of the same team and leading the team to a national title in just five years, but Heather Tarr can proudly say that she is.

From a humiliating start, to being named head coach of an NCAA program at 29, at a national championship, Tarr has made Washington’s softball one of the country’s most elite college softball programs. Through honor to tradition, trust and dedication, Tarr has emerged as a leader for his team in and out of the field.

The realizations are obvious for Tarr. A 2009 national championship, 22 Americans, three Olympians and 532 wins.

In the first season of Tarr at UW, he led the Huskies to the Super Regional where they fell to a single step from advancing to WCWS. The Huskies season ended when they lost a series of three games for the eventual national Michigan Champion in Ann Arbor and ended the year with a national ranking of # 14. Seven Huskies won the honors of All-Pac-10, including Kristen Rivera, who was nominated Co-Pac-10 Player of the Year. Rivera also became the first four-time All-American of the Huskies, earning first place in the ranking of first place as catcher. Three Washington players have earned the honors of the All-Pacific region and three have been nominated to Team Pac-10 for their achievements in the class. Washington closed the season with a record of 35-22, the sixth in the Pac-10 Conference with a score of 10-11 after four teams crashed into a tie for first place with 13-8 Records. The Huskies have scored 13 wins over the top 25 opponents, including victories over No. 1 Michigan, No. 3 California and No. 4 Stanford.

Five seasons later, in 2009, dreams came true with Tarr and his Huskies. After leading the program for his sixteenth place for postseason in 2009, Tarr and his team eliminated the longest game in the program’s history in the NCAA Regional final, defeating the UMass 6-1 on the Minutewomen home field in 15 innings. The Huskies then swept the Super-regional of the top three on Georgia Tech to Atlanta before the three-week road trip ended in Oklahoma City with hardware.

In the ninth edition of the Women’s College World Series and the second in the first five seasons of Tarr, the Huskies won their first two games before falling to Georgia in the first semifinal. Once again the Huskies showed their grit, defeating Georgia that night to advance to the Championship Series, where they dominated the Gators to take home the title in two games. The Huskies have finished the 2009 season on top of NFCA and ESPN. COM surveys for the first time in the history of the program. Their 51 wins have equalled the fourth place in the history of the program and the maximum for a team of Husky led by Tarr.

Following the season, Tarr and his staff were not only appointed the technical staff of the Year of the Pacific region, but also the technical staff of the Year of NFCA. Individual honors have also been given, as Danielle Lawrie has been named US Softball Player of the Year Collegiate and the winner of the Honda Prize, the first Husky softball player to have ever earned that honor. Lawrie and elder Ashley charters were named All-Americans First team and each was named in their respective national teams after the season, with charters who was nominated for the USA Team and Lawrie who joined Canada.

More recently, the Tarr team has advanced to the 12th Women’s College World Series program in 2017 after defeating Utah (10-4, 2-1) in the Super Regional in Seattle. The Huskies finished the 50-14 season, with major victories against Oklahoma, Auburn, Oregon, UCLA, Utah, Alabama and Minnesota.

Otto Huskies received All-Conference all-Academic recognition. Taylor Van Zee was nominated for the first team, while

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