Hannah Pixie Snowdon

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Who is Hannah Pixie Snowdon? The life and time of tattoo artist, visual artist and philanthropist Hannah Pixie Snowdon. About ten years ago, Hannah ‘Pixie’ Snowdon embarked on her lifelong journey to self-enlightenment.

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About ten years ago, Hannah ‘Pixie’ Snowdon embarked on her lifelong journey to self-enlightenment. Since then, and throughout an awe-inspiring career – which began with an affinity for tattoo and visual art and organically turned into an increasingly nuanced profession that includes philanthropic initiatives – the talented and compassionate creative woman has put her insurmountable energy into harnessing the power of artistic expression for a higher purpose. First, with the guidance to build strong communities, both on and offline. Where the personal experiences expressed by her art become a tool for social mediation, by honestand non-ubiquitous commentary on topics such as mental health, feminism, alchemy, astrology, sustainability and self-empowerment.

Snowdon, a rebel with a purpose, has never been one who has adhered to society’s standards for happiness; moreover, they are unspoken rules and oppressive systems. Online, she has built a safe place for herself to illuminate the lessons learned in terms of approaching the light and dark energies she has encountered throughout her life with open-minded objectivity. Her courageous willingness to be so openly vulnerable has resolutely led to her Instagram account – (@hannahpixiesnow) – becoming a cyber-secure space, where her 750,000 strong followers take inspiration for finding the perfect balance when it comes to maintaining a fulfilling, balanced and non-destructive lifestyle.

Therefore, when NBGA had the priceless opportunity to talk to the woman behind the endless stream of art and inspiration, we couldn’t help but choose her brain about what her endless wanderlust and creative spirit, her definition of true beauty, her ongoing work and partnerships with ethically managed charities worldwide, and ultimately how we can all use alchemy to evoke some * magic in our own daily lives; and by extension the lives of like-minded individuals with whom we choose to share our happiness.