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Giselle Lynette Bio, Net Worth, Birthday & Age


Who is Giselle Lynette?

Model on Instagram whose titled account, which presents predominantly photos of it, has won over 1.6 million of followers.
Before the fame

She grew up in Boston, Massachusetts. She started using Snapchat and Instagram in 2015.

It can be found in the Snapchat with a user name of SICKATHANURAVRG.
Family life

Her older sister, Iliana Diaz, is a mother. She’s from Dominican descent.
Associated with

She and Marias Lopez are Dominican-American models.

Net Worth

How Much Is Giselle Lynette Net Worth ?
Not Knowing, Under Review

Birthday & Age

How old is Giselle Lynette?
22 years old, 22, 1996


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