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I am honored to represent District 5 with its communities of Ballpark, Central 9th, Liberty Wells, East Liberty Park and Wasatch Hollow, with whom I have worked for the past 6 years.

Photo Erin Mendenhall with her newborn in 2006. That moment came about 13 years ago, when I cradled my newborn son Cash in my arms. NPR has explained in a story that the air quality here in the valley is so poor that a person loses two years of his life if he lives here. And as I listened, my hair rose in my neck. My first thought was – I have to move. I have to choose between Salt Lake City and my son’s health.

I made the choice to stay in Salt Lake City. Instead of running away from the problem, I accepted it. I joined Utah Moms for Clean Air, the first step on the path that continues to this day, and I saw the need not only to scream from the outside, but to place a voice at the table that speaks for clean air and scientific knowledge. Understand the discussions in our legislature, our schools, and our community.

So I co-founded Breathe Utah and made that vision a reality. I have switched from activist to lawyer to leader. I am now chairman of the State Air Quality Board – and Breathe Utah has taught tens of thousands of Utah students across the state about the importance of air quality.

I’ve seen a person change something. When I worked with state legislators to develop better policies, I gained a new appreciation for the power that city governments must provide – not only in air quality, but also in the quality of life, the quality of life, the quality of life, the quality of life, the Neighbourhood security and well-paid jobs. When the only woman on the council resigned, people started encouraging me to run.

It’s not something I’ve ever imagined – but I’ve listened. And again I stepped forward. I presented my ideas to the electorate when I ran for the City Council in 2013 and was given the opportunity to put those ideas into practice.

It has been an honour to serve you all the time.

In the City Council, I have been committed to our environmental initiatives. And I’ve shown that I can do the job.

I’ve been working the redevelopment agency’s budget to raise slashing encrates for affordable housing.
I have had discussions about homeless shelters to focus on the need to help women. In June, we will open the first homeless resource center for women in our city.
I worked for years to improve bus connections for The Salt Lakers, and those buses took to the streets this August.
I’ve been working to fix our roads with an 87-million-dollar bond that we approved last fall, and today, work teams are in operation. We have also increased revenue to double our maintenance teams, so that twice as many road kilometres are repaired each year.
And I’ve made it my priority to recruit other women to get into government to imagine a better future and lead our community.
I have learned a lot about how to use the corridors of the city government for the benefit of our community. But there is so much more to do …

That’s why I’m running for mayor of Salt Lake City.

Photo of Erin on a construction site My time in the city council shows how I get results. I built relationships and listened to your needs. I have collected input to make the difficult calls. I even completed a master’s degree at the University of Utah to improve my understanding of how to lead science to better politics and governance.

Together, all this experience makes me the best candidate, the right candidate for this moment. Our city needs a mayor who knows how to achieve results in the city government. Now more than ever.

As chairman of the council last year, I gave our city a seat at the table when there was none and the state was ready to move the inland port without Salt Lake City.

I took a seat for our votes and negotiated to get environmental protection that wasn’t there before. We’ve reserved more natural land for protection and we’ve got 10% tax revenue for affordable housing in Salt Lake City.

For the Inland Port Authority, the state made final land-use decisions and future tax revenues on about 18,000 acres of our city. This is simply wrong for any city. As long as the inland port is in motion, the mayor of Salt Lake City must sit at this table for your voices to be heard. I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again.

From opportunities like the Olympics to challenges like the inland port, I will express my passion for Salt Lake City. I will bring my experience to your service to get the most out of what we need.

I know I can lead this city that we love.

That’s why I run. I therefore ask for your vote. And if you join me, if you approach this moment with your voice, your voice and your time or contribution – then we will win together.

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