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Donna Rotunno Wikipedia,Husband,Education

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  1. She has made a career as a defender of men accused of sexual misconduct


Over the past 15 years, Rotunno has handled more than 40 sexual misconduct cases, according to Chicago Magazine’s 2018 attorney profile. This makes her one of the most sought-after lawyers in this niche. “Every high-profile sex case you hear in the Chicago news is likely to have received a call,” Rotunno said in the profile. She has represented a variety of men accused of sex crimes, including former Bears cornerback Shaun Gayle, whom Rotunno represented in the investigation into his girlfriend’s murder. She also represented Mohammad Abdullah Saleem, an Islamic suburban leader accused of abusing a female student and an employee.


  1. She started the Weinstein case by condemning #MeToo


During Rotunno’s brief remarks at today’s Weinstein hearing, the lawyer claimed that her client had been “insulted” by the “MeToo” movement, adding at a press conference after the hearing: “The emotion of this case has taken over.” gives a truth that you have not reported. “This is the first time it has discredited the movement that highlights experiences and stories of sexual assault or violence. “I’m not a woman who has ever subscribed to it. I believe that women are responsible for the decisions they make,” she said.


  1. She considers her gender to be an asset in her job


Rotunno said she can examine issues with “more poison” because she is a woman – a tactic she is likely to use in the Weinstein case. “I can get away with a much more than a male lawyer in a courtroom where a woman is cross-examined,” Rotunno said. ‘He may be an excellent lawyer, but when he attacks this woman with the same poison as me, he looks like a bully. When I do, no one beats even a lash. And it was very effective. “


  1. She is aggressive and a “bulldog in the courtroom”


Rotunno’s former client, Stanley Stallworth, a lawyer, and former partner of Sidley Austin, has described her as a “bulldog in the courtroom” every day in the courtroom. “Those who know Rotunno and her partner Cheronis also said they were not surprised” when the two lawyers took Weinstein’s case.

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