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Dermot F. Shea is an American police officer and administrator. Shea is the NYPD chief of detectives. He succeeds Commissioner James O’Neill. The detective is appointed New York Police Commissioner in a ceremony at Police Plaza 1 in New York on December 1, 2019.


Shea has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the State University of New York in Oneonta

Dermot Shea Age


Dermot has yet to announce his current date of birth, the month of birth and year of birth. At the moment, his age and the day he celebrates his birthday has been kept under wraps. Shea was born and raised in Sunnyside. He is an American citizen.


Shea was one of five children born in Sunnyside, Queens, to a unionized father. Both his mother and father emigrated from Ireland in the 1950s. For at least a while, the whole family lived in a one-bedroom apartment.


Dermot Shea NYPD Commissioner


Shea succeeds Commissioner James O’Neill, who will lead the largest and one of the oldest police forces in the United States. Mayor Bill de Blasio confirmed in a tweet Monday afternoon. On November 4, 2019, it was publicly announced that Dermot F. Shea will become the 44th Commissioner of the NYPD in a ceremony at 1 Police Plaza on December 1, 2019.

Dermot Shea and his fortune


Dermot Shea’s assets are currently under review. moreover, his salary will not be disclosed to the public. In the U.S., however, the average salary for a police officer is USD 51,273 per year. The payment calculations are based on salaries for police officers posted anonymously by employees and users, posted by job advertisements on the market over the past 36 months. The typical term of office of a police officer is 3-5 years.


Because of its high profile, New York needs a high-profile law enforcement agency. The New York Police Department is considered an effective police force dedicated to protecting New York. Unlike the department head, who is a high-ranking, sworn member of the NYPD, the commissioner is a city administrator appointed by the New York mayor. According to public records, the NYPD commissioner earned .205,180 dollars last year.

Dermot Shea James O’Neil


O’Neill has been commissioner since the end of 2016. After three years at the helm of the NYPD, Commissioner James O’Neill announced that he would step down and take up a job in the private sector. O’Neill’s resignation will take effect at the end of the month, with Shea taking the reins from December 1.


The change comes amid controversy for O’Neill. The commissioner was recently slammed by Pat Lynch, president of the Police Benevolent Association, for firing Daniel Pantaleo, the NYPD official accused of using a banned chokehold that led to the death of Eric Garner in 2014.


Lynch blasted the city and police department’s leadership for the decision in August, saying O’Neill had “lost” the police department. In a statement, he said he was looking forward to working with Shea “to combat the current anti-police atmosphere.”


O’Neill, who has spent his entire career as a law enforcement officer in New York City, is leaving the department amid a mental health crisis. So far this year, 10 police officers have died by suicide, seven of them since June.

The escalating crisis has prompted all levels of police leadership, including O’Neill, to talk about the need for police to take care of their mental health – and to take care of the wellbeing of their colleagues.
Dermot Shea Detective

Before his new role, Shea, a 28-year veteran of the NYPD, was promoted to Chief of Detectives on April 16, 2018. In this role, he was assigned to overlook a unified command for all investigative operations in New York City. The Detective Bureau is responsible for the prevention, detection, and investigation of criminal offenses. His work often complements the work of police officers deployed on the outskirts.
Dermot Shea Crime Control Chief

Before serving as Chief of Detectives, Shea was Chief of Crime Control Strategies. He spent more than 4 years as Deputy Commissioner for Operations. While he was head of crime-fighting strategies, he was responsible for analyzing city-wide crime trends and developing the department’s crime-fighting plans and procedures.

During his 28-year career, Shea was also executive officer of the 47th District and Detective Borough Manhattan South. He also worked in the 24th, 46th and 52nd districts and in the narcotics department.
Dermot Shea Woman

Shea is a happily married man, he has been married to his wife Serena Shea for 23 years and the union has been blessed with three children. They have three children: Jacqueline, Lauren, and Richie.
Dermot Shea racist claims

Shea appeared to bring the same kind of racist luggage to the commissioner’s office that O’Neill probably wanted to take as he planned to flee a hut

Police departments accused of racism.

This seemed to be confirmed in May when the New York Daily News reported that Shea directed his detectives to profile “360 black and Hispanic men” and blindly pat each of them to determine the DNA in a rape case that ended with the controversial conviction of a black man who has maintained his innocence.

The Daily News wrote in part: “The men who were wiped were selected because they had previously been arrested in Howard Beach. Some of them told The News in interviews that they were upset by the treatment by investigators. ”

When shea City Council said that his detectives had racially profiled “blacks and Spaniards,” he didn’t have much to say. Shea was asked if his detectives “deal with DNA dragnets in which they sweep together a number of people based on their race to extract their DNA.” He simply replied ‘no’ and refused to explain beyond that.

Donovan Richards, co-chair of the council’s public safety committee, asked Shea unimpressed if it was illegal to determine people’s DNA based on their race.
Dermot Shea scandal free

Communities United for Police Reform pointed out that Shea was caught in a 2018 report for allegedly pressuring a detective to close a case as a favor, which the department relentlessly denied. NYPD critics such as the Legal Aid Society also quickly criticized the new commissioner, blaming him for prioritizing arrests by expanding the gang database and collecting DNA evidence in a press release Monday.

But this is the same work that others praise him for, as the department’s crime statistics continue to decline. As a crime statistics guru, Shea’s name was occasionally criticized for cooking the books, but no one was able to represent a strong public case that was true.

Shea was mentioned in an NYPD scandal in 2011, but shea was reportedly the good guy who was demoted by a crooked chief after refusing to break union rules. Overall, Shea seems to be following in the footsteps of O’Neill as a commissioner who doesn’t feel quite comfortable in the spotlight.

His statements on November 4th were predictably boring: “We cannot and will not rest until all New Yorkers feel safe,” he said.
Dermot Shea Rank Data

Sworn in as a patrolman – 1991
NYPD Sergeant Stripes.SVG Promoted to Sergeant – 1995
US-O1 insignia.SVG promoted to lieutenant – 1999
Captain’s Badge gold.SVG Ascension to Captain – 2000
US-O4 insignia.SVG promoted to Deputy Inspector – 2001
Colonel Gold.png Promoted to Inspector – 2003
1 Gold Star.svg promoted to Vice-Chairman – 2005
3 Gold Stars.svg promoted to Chief of Detectives – 2018
5 Gold Stars.SVG Appointment as New York Police Commissioner – December 1. 2019