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Delilah Wallenda

Nik’s mother, Delilah, is probably his biggest fan. He uses suede shoes that his mother makes for him, which do not become slippery when wet and which become stickier when it is moist.

In 1978, when Nik was about to walk alone over a 300-foot-long wire, his mother persuaded him to let her take part in the deadly stunt.

Initially, he refused a request from his mother, Delilah wallenda, to join him. “Only for security reasons” we lost several family members who did so. But Delilah Wallenda, who is in her late 50s, finally convinced him.

He said, “I’ve been mentally preparing for this all my life. I’ve seen the great video of my great-grandfather falling hundreds of times.”

Nik wore a 45-pound balancing rod, while Delilah Wallenda wore a 25-pound bar.

The mother-son’s team slowly approached each other and balanced on a wire. Nik Wlallenda wore a shoe made by his mother. They met in the middle.

Delilah wallenda sat on the wire while her son stepped over her in slow motion.

Delilah Wallenda has been married to Terry Troffer since 1975. have two children

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