Who is Cindy Starfall? Bio, Age

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For Cindy Starfall, porn is the poetry of rebellion. It is also an outlet for expressing long-suppressed, sexual desires. Growing up, Starfall’s life was defined by other people’s rules. Under such circumstances, many people abandon themselves and adapt. Others break loose and create their own rules.

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Starfall came of age in a wealthy household in Vietnam, built on the success of her grandfather. Instead of luxury, Starfall saw the estate as a prison. Outside the physical walls, she was trapped by the traditional life she was supposed to lead. Her only consolation came when she snuck off the compound or masturbated in the bathroom with the shower head while her nanny stood outside the door. Her break with this life came when her mother tried to set up an arranged marriage. Starfall refused and was evicted.

At the age of 15, Starfall was at a Catholic girls’ school for girls in Oregon. This environment offered its own set of rules that Starfall could not abide by. Her first sexual experience took place in the school’s lunchroom with another girl.

As an adult, Starfall noticed that she was full of conservative business dresses and worked in the bureaucracy of a business job. In 2011, she started webcam modeling at night. When her employer confronted her with her side career, Starfall left the business world and began freelance modeling. In March 2012, after meeting a Hustler manager at a couples club she was visiting, Starfall shot her first hardcore scene.

How was your business day job when you started moonlight as a webcam model?

My business days were a bit boring for an adventurous personality. Every day was the same routine of recording numbers, sales statistics, tracking inventory and marketing budgets. It wasn’t the worst job in the world, but I don’t do well every day with the same routine. I had to constantly watch all my dirty jokes to make sure they didn’t offend anyone, because the corporate culture is very conservative.

Have you ever found out how the HR department found out you were webcamming?

According to HR staff, a letter of complaint came with my webcam photos on it. It belonged to my old client. Her son supposedly recognized me and he told his mother I was a webcam girl who I thought was weird. Well, I think he was a very honest son. I knew something was wrong at the time I got the call, “Please report to the HR office.” I felt so bad and rebellious and I kind of liked it.

I kept my craziness a secret, so most people never thought I’d ever be a star. People never really know what to expect from me. I like to keep my life exciting and full of surprises.

When asked about your celebrities, you’ve listed muscular action stars like Vin Diesel, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Is it safe to assume you have a fetish for tall, imposing, muscular men dripping with testosterone that can keep you lying around during sex? Do you think this preference is at all related to the desire to be with the type of alpha male who are leaders and can physically protect you?

Wow! You’re absolutely right. I love being with alpha males, not boys! I have a very strong personality and strong sexual desires. I need a great man who can handle me in every aspect of life and is my protector. In bed, I want him to throw me, turn me around and make it really rough for me. Being such a freak, I’m pretty much open to everything my husband has in mind, whether it’s handcuffs, outdoor sex or something else.

You seem to have made a lot of scenes with big black men like Mandingo and Lexington Steele. Do you think you’re going to be paired with these guys because your petite 4’11 “frame makes their dicks look even bigger? Realistically, is there a physical limit to how many of their giant dicks you can take?

Luckily, I’m paired with a lot of legendary big cocks that I love. Without porn, I would never be able to experience such huge cocks. My favorite porn category to watch is “Big Dick” and I was very happy to make those kinds of porn movies. I always joke about how their cocks are much bigger than my face. I’m a curious cat, so when other girls fear big black dicks, I see an opportunity to experience something new.