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Who is Chris Stokowski? Christopher Stokowski is the youngest of Vanderbilt’s two sons with Leopold Stokowski. Less is known about his life because of his long-standing estrangement from Vanderbilt and her other children, and his general withdrawal from public life.

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Despite the aversion to the spotlight, Christopher Stokowski seems destined for it, thanks to the opulence of his parents and his family drama. He has largely tried to stay low, but it is the only thing that his vast wealth has not been able to afford him.

His familial ties have resulted in some of the most high-profile controversies of the century.

Below are 5 of the most intriguing facts about Christopher’s tumultuous personal life.

  1. Christopher comes from a distinguished family

Christopher is the youngest of two siblings born out of Gloria Vanderbilt’s marriage to her then-husband Leopold Stokowski.

Gloria – the only child of one of America’s most affluent socialite, Reginald Claypoole Vanderbilt, and thus the heiress to his multimillion-dollar railroad empire – was then, in her second marriage to the acclaimed opera conductor Leopold Stokowski.

Their contact yielded two sons, Christopher and his older brother Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski.
The only family portrait that consists of Christopher with his family
The only family portrait that consists of Christopher with his family

Because Chris’ parents were wealthy socialites, Christopher enjoyed a luxurious childhood.

  1. Complicated relationship with his mother

Despite growing up without financial constraints, Chris had a difficult relationship with both his parents, especially with his mother. The shy, gentle Chris loathed the publicity his famous parents generated, especially after his mother’s affair with Frank Sinatra while still married to Leopold.

Chris had shunned his father’s name very early on and preferred to make a mark on his merits on the music industry. His relationship with his mother was much more turbulent.

After a series of tragic events, including the death of his father, Chris apparently changed his life and was even engaged to New York consultant April Sandmeyer.

It came to a head when his mother and their family therapist, Dr Christ Zois, intervened with April in Chris’ romantic life, which led to April canceling their engagement.

This devastated Chris and his already frosty relationship with his mother became incompatible.

  1. His mysterious 38-year disappearance

After his mother was found guilty of having a hand in breaking Chris’ relationship with April, Chris refused his last name and moved to New York to win Back April. When April refused to take him back, Chris finally moved out of New York and was not seen for 38 years.

Chris’ whereabouts were unknown and he essentially became a recluse. Chris wouldn’t come to the surface until 2016 to attend the release of the film titled Nothing Left Unsaid, based on his mother’s life.

  1. The promiscuous nature of his mother

Chris’ mother Gloria was notorious for being a serious adulterous woman. She married four times, divorced three times and had four children.
A photo of Gloria Vanderbilt with son, Anderson Cooper
Gloria Vanderbilt with son, Anderson Cooper

Her first marriage took place in 1941 with Pat DiCicco, a Hollywood agent. They divorced in 1945 after reports of domestic violence.

Less than a month after the divorce, she married opera conductor Leopold Stokowski and gave him three children. While still married to Leopold, she had an affair with Frank Sinatra that resulted in her divorce from her then-husband.

Her third marriage happened to director Sidney Lumet. They had no children together and divorced in August 1963 after seven years.

Her fourth and final marriage took place in December 1963 with writer Wyatt Emory Cooper. They had a lasting marriage that only ended with Cooper’s death in 1978. They had two sons.

Throughout her life she had a range of lovers, including actors Marlon Brando, filmmaker Gordon Parks, businessman Howard Hughes and author Roald Dahl.

  1. Chris’ complicated family tree

Because of Chris’ relationship with different people, his family tree is large and complicated. On his father’s side he has a full brother, brother Leopold and three half-sisters from the previous marriage of his father, Sonia Maria Noel, Gloria Luba Stokowski and Andrea Sadja Stokowski.

On his mother’s side is his full brother Leopold. He also has two half-brothers Carter Vanderbilt Cooper and Anderson Hays Cooper.