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For a while, the only place where Chelsea Lee liked to sing was the shower. At the age of 15, the aspiring singer tried her hand at a local open microphone – and her attempt was met with praise.

“I run the club on the ground floor, sell beer and she checks the sound. I was immediately overwhelmed,” says their manager Daniel Brindley, who owns the Suburban D.C. Music association Jammin Java.

Brindley began inviting Lee to open up to his acts, and in a few months she was the headliner of shows. With an alarmingly pure voice, down-to-earth charm and a songwriting maturity rare for her age, Lee seems to have the whole package. In 2008, she attracted Atlantic Records’ attention, and in June, just days after her 18th birthday, she signed with the label.

With less than three years between her first open microphone and her record contract, Lee’s rise is remarkable, especially given the speed with which she was brought to the show. “At first I was really nervous,” she says, but as a spectator you never knew.

A beautiful girl with organic songs will certainly make comparisons with Taylor Swift and Colbie Caillat, but Lee’s voice has an emotional depth that is more like Patty Griffin or Brandi Carlile. “A lot of people ask me, “Who are you listening to?” she laughs, “but I never have an answer for them.”

Although she is known in her hometown of DC, in February two dubbing roles on MTV’s “The City” for their songs “Figure Us Out” and “Long Way Down” earned a deserved national notoriety. Around this time, she spent three weeks in London and wrote with Martin Terefe, producer of Jason Mraz’s platinum sale We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things”. She currently works in Charlottesville, Virginia, with writer/producer Chris Keup (Parachute, O.A.R., Josh Kelley).

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