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Buck Sexton Bio, Net Worth, Birthday & Age


Who is Buck Sexton?

Buck Sexton is a political commentator, radio presenter, author and former intelligence officer, known for his work in conservative publications such as The Washington Times, TheBlaze and National Review.


Buck Sexton is known to be a versatile personality whose role as political commentator earned him a lot of fame. He’s a personality of American nationality.

Former life

Buck Sexton was born on December 28, 1981 in New York City. Raised in Manhattan, he was enrolled in St. David’s school, as well as at Regis High School, for his education. For his college, he was enrolled in Amherst High School. He graduated in political science in the year 2004 and began working at the CIA shortly after his graduation.


Buck Sexton began his career as an officer of the Central Intelligence Agency. He started working at the counterterrorism center right after his graduation. After working there for a year, he was transferred to Iraq and then to the Office of Afghanistan. After working with the CLA for four years, he was called to join the intelligence division of the new York Police Department.

In the year 2011, Buck Sexton became the National security editor of TheBlaze and then started as a presenter on conservative talk shows. He was seen as a guest presenter at the concerts of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. It also worked as a fill host for all of these shows at times.

Buck Sexton also worked for TheBlaze TV’s Real News presenter. He has been a host of the daily program since his release in the year 2012. The show lasted for two years until 2014. From now on, Buck Sexton is the presenter of the daily radio program of his authorship, which airs TheBlaze radio. He is also a contributor to CNN from 2014.

Personal life

Buck Sexton leads a rather secret life when it comes to him and his family. It’s known he hasn’t been married yet. He has also never been connected to anyone and therefore has no girlfriend either. He never had children and didn’t get married in the past.

Due to the lack of information about dating him, Buck Sexton sometimes has rumors of being gay or bisexual. However, none of these rumours are known to be true.

Net Worth and salary

Buck Sexton has been a versatile personality that has been active in many endeavors. It has a net worth that varies up to 1 million of dollars, while its salary is extremely high. It can be followed on several social networking sites and has its own website as well.



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