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Who is Aurore Pariente? Aurore Pariente is a French tattoo model, cosmetic tattoo artist and international brand ambassador. She prides herself on delivering the best possible cosmetic tattoos for all her clients. In addition, she strives to be the best version of herself and to inspire other women in the cosmetics and tattoo industry.

Aurore Pariente
Aurore Pariente

The perfect day of Aurore Pariente in France would be quite simple. She needs a lot to be happy. You can relax Aurore, practice yoga, play guitar and hang out with the people she loves. We asked Aurore what our itinerary would be for a day in the beautiful city of Paris, France.

We got up early and had coffee. After some coffee we would get ready and go to the train station for our wonderful two-hour trip to Paris from Avignon. As soon as we arrived in Paris, we would visit some of my favorite cafes and have a nice light lunch with a refreshing cocktail. Walk around and explore Paris for a while. I don’t usually go to museums, but I love to explore. We would probably meet some friends and discover new places together. In Paris there is always something to do. Later in the evening we would get ready for a club or some house music and dance all night… I like to stay up late, so we would definitely have fun! Maybe sleep the next day.

Aurore Pariente has the ability to bring you in with her lively and playful antics. When she’s not working hard and doing cosmetic tattoos, she likes to have fun and play music. She’s been a yogi, loves pilates and trains daily. Her voice and enthusiasm are infectious. As she continues to build her followers on multiple social media platforms, she is able to influence and expand her brand into a diverse trending online presence.

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